how i dress-up graphic tees [for fall]

Fall is one of my most favorite times of year — it’s a season full of some of my favorite fashion trends: earth-toned colors, sweaters and scarves, boots. The weather is just crisp enough to feel a change coming but not so cold that the tip of your nose starts to slowly go numb every time you walk outside. Casual fall fashion is the center of my wardrobe and I am thriving right now.

With that being said, I wanted to do something that made me a little uncomfortable this year. You might be wondering, “Mia, how is it that graphic tees make you uncomfortable?” But here’s the thing… I almost never wear t-shirts — they’re just not part of my style.

So, when Gibson Customs reached out to me to do a style collab with some of their graphic tees, I couldn’t turn them down. I wanted to see how I could take a plain t-shirt and incorporate it into a stylish and trendy outfit.

I have to admit, I was skeptical about the process. Personally, I don’t feel super cute in t-shirts, I just don’t equate them with my style, but after a few weeks of toying around with different outfit combos, I think I’ve finally found a sweet spot. And I feel super cute.

Without further ado, here’s three different outfits centered around graphic tees that you’ll fall in love with (see what I did there?). If you love the designs on these shirts as much as I do, keep reading for an exclusive discount code.

The Comfy-Chic

The motto running through my head each morning as I decide on my outfit for the day is always, “Okay I need to find something cute, but also comfy.” I’m a student with a part-time job, so I do a lot of sitting during the day, as well as a decent amount of walking around my campus. It’s important for me to wear something that is A) comfortable around my waist and B) easy to walk in.

This first outfit is a direct visualization of that motto. Here, I’m wearing my “you coulda had a bad witch” shirt in a size too-large (as I did with all the shirts, to give me more freedom with styling). Paired with plain black, high-waisted leggings, I knotted the shirt in the front. Completed with my new favorite shoes (these leopard-print loafers), the outfit is a total embodiment of comfy, while still being stylish.

By knotting the shirt in the front, I created the visual appearance of a longer, thinner torso, while my leggings (cropped at the ankle) made my legs appear longer as well. My large Fossil purse also adds a classic element that continues to dress-up the look. This is a super versatile look, allowing you to go straight to yoga after a day of shopping (true story).

Major Fall-Vibes

Nothing says “fall” like a good ‘ole flannel and some boots. With this next look, I wanted to completely embrace the fall weather in an outfit perfect to wear to class.

I’m wearing my Dolly shirt for this look. I cropped it myself with a pair of sharp scissors; it’s so simple to take a standard t-shirt and crop it for yourself (and it saves you a bunch of money!). By cutting it, I think I only added to the spunkiness of the design that says “Feeling cute, might whoop Jolene’s ass later… idk.”

I paired it with my favorite high-waisted leggings, boots, and an old flannel. I jazzed up the look a bit by doing a half-up/half-down pony-tail with a Halloween-themed scrunchie.

This is another versatile fall outfit. Because North Carolina weather is emotional as heck, I was able to wear it three different ways in the same day. During the chilly morning, I paired it with a snuggly blanket scarf when walking to work. As the day warmed up, I removed the scarf, and eventually the flannel, tying it around my waist.

Casual Friday

Not gonna lie, this outfit reminded me of what my high school teachers would wear on dress-down days. I dressed it up just a tad so it wouldn’t be your typical t-shirt and jeans combo. The shirt (which says “I like long, romantic walks down every aisle at Target”) is a statement in itself since I ordered it in a bright red color. I gave it a little French tuck, pairing it with some light-wash, high-waisted skinny jeans (and I think it will look super cute with black skinnies as well!). Completed with my leopard loafers, it’s the perfect ying-yang of casual-stylish.

I grabbed my current favorite cardigan as I walked out the door to complete the outfit since it was a bit chilly that morning, but it’s still super cute without a jacket.

I tied a hair scarf into my bun as a finishing touch (a cherry on top, might we say?) and added some rose gold statement earrings, to tie the whole outfit together.

I think these graphic tees are sassy and easily flow with my style. They help showcase my personality and are most definitely conversation starters whenever I wear them outside of my house. To get one of your own (or pick a style that speaks to you!), head over to Gibson Customs’ Facebook page or Instagram and use the code MIA10 for 10% off your first order!

What are some of your favorite fall fashion staples? Let me know in the comments below!

I’d like to thank Gibson Customs for reaching out and collaborating with me on this blog post. Always support local businesses and entrepreneurs, especially with the holiday season approaching.

Thanks to Julia Turpin & Amanda Glenn-Bradley for helping me with this blog.

Photo Courtesy of: Mia Renée Cole

Disclaimer: While this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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