November’s Free Desktop Wallpaper

It’s so hard to believe it’s a new month already! November is one of my favorite months of the year because it means family, food, cozy feels and it’s also basically the Thursday to Christmas’ Friday. So here’s a free desktop wallpaper to get you in the giving mood, just in time for the holidays.

How toDIY Your Whole Wedding

For November’s desktop wallpaper, I actually wanted to take a break from the warmer colors of fall. Sometimes you just need a break from the oranges and purples and reds of the season, so here’s a bright, fun wallpaper for your computer that does just that.

To download:

  1. Click on the image and click “Save Image As…”
  2. Save to your photos + set it as your wallpaper. (For further instructions on Mac installation, click here. For instructions for Windows installation, click here.)


(c) 2018 Mia Renée Cole

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