Skincare Products That Will Save Your Skin this Winter (+ a DIY lip scrub!)

This week’s blog is a little late, but so was fall and with the cooler, dryer weather comes a change in our skin problems. There’s a reason we tend to wear less makeup in the summer and more in the winter – with the dropping of the temperature comes an increase in problem skin, but why not embrace that Glossier Glow year-round? Here’s my favorite skincare products for the colder months that help your skin to overcome the change in seasons.

Disclaimer: Though I am a distributor with SeneGence International and am a huge fan of their skincare, I am a firm believer in a diversity of products in your skincare routine and the philosophy of “what works best for you, works the best… until you find better.” In this blog, I wanted to share my favorite products from various brands that I have loved over the years and continue to obsess over today.

Winter reminds me of the inside of a passenger plane – cold and dry – and both have a similar effect on your skin. Your skin can quickly dry out, producing excess oils to compensate for what you lose and, without the proper skincare routine, will result in more breakouts than you were hoping for this holiday season. Here’s where changing your skincare routine becomes crucial. We don’t wear the same clothes year-round – we bundle up in the winter to protect our bodies from the harsh weather and wear less in the summer to soak in some warm Vitamin C – so why should we treat our skin any differently?

The largest organ on our body needs plenty of attention in order to thrive, and it’s really not that hard if you use the right products.

Pond’s Moisturizer

An oldie but a goodie, Pond’s is a brand we often associate with our grandmas, but there’s a reason it’s been around for over 150 years – it works. I was introduced to Pond’s Dry Skin Cream in high school when I was having problems with dry patches on my cheeks. I tried this cream out and they were almost immediately healed and gone. It’s a great moisturizer to use all over your face in the winter if you have dry skin, but if you have combination skin like myself, it’s great to use solely on dry patches or areas of your skin that tend to dry out more quick. When used daily, you won’t experience any dryness. Promise.

Trader Joe’s Coconut Body Butter


Trader Joe’s is honestly my favorite place to shop, and I’m not even ashamed to admit that. They have a great beauty/health aisle that includes their amazing body butter. Their Coconut Body Butter (or Pumpkin Body Butter in the fall!) is a thick, moisturizing lotion that is a must-have for me post-shower in the winter. I have major issues with dry legs (from shaving) in colder month, so finding a moisturizing product that prevents me from scratching my legs to the point of bleeding was kinda crucial. Most lotions and body butters are watery and only moisturize short-term, so you feel like you need them again within a few hours. TJ’s body butter is phenomenal, smells amazing and the price tag can’t be beat.

SeneGence’s Climate Control

I thought about plugging some other various toners and moisturizers, but why do that when you can mention a product that does everything? Climate Control is a miracle moisturizer that can work wonders on the skin (just check out some before and after photos here). It tones, hydrates, replenishes and helps improve your skin long-term. For the last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with weird, scaly, irritated dry patches on my eyelids that were painful as hell. I finally decided to try Climate Control on them and – bam! – overnight, they were gone. It’s a god-send.

LipSense Lip Balm


Ah, yes, another product that I sell. But, really, this product is probably in my Top 3 favorite SeneGence products of all-time. This is the most moisturizing lip balm I have ever used… ever. This isn’t me selling you the product, either. This is you and me, on a coffee date, talking about dried lips, and I have never used anything more moisturizing. It makes my lips feel plumper, healthier and overall better all day, and it also makes for a phenomenal cuticle cream. Never again have I had to carry a chapstick with me everywhere I go, because I only need to apply this once for the full effect. This is probably my must-have winter product.

Dove’s Bodywash

Remember me mentioning my dry legs? Yeah, that seems to be an overall problem for my skin during the winter. The first step that helps to prevent this is a moisturizing body wash. This Dove body wash not only smells amazing in the shower, but I can literally f e e l it moisturizing my skin as I scrub it in with my loofa and I actually notice a difference when I use a soap that isn’t as hydrating. Paired with a good lotion, my skin feels a lot healthier and a lot less dry.

LUSH’s Coffee ‘O Coffee Face Mask


Sometimes, in the winter, your face just feels… eck. That’s when exfoliation and rejuvenation come in handy. LUSH’s Cup ‘O Coffee mask includes vital ingredients like coffee grounds (for exfoliation), coffea arabica (for a brightened, more awake look), and vetivert oil (to replenish your skin) among others for an incredibly well-rounded, every-day mask that kicks the sh*t out of winter weather. It’s gentle enough to be used every day or on problem areas, though I usually use it about twice a week. (Oh, and did I mention it can be used on your entire body as well? Hello, smooth feet and elbows!)

DIY Lip Scrub


Didn’t think you were gonna get a DIY tutorial in this blog, did you? After a few trials, I’ve finally found the perfect lip scrub to help exfoliate my lips and it will be the perfect addition to my skincare routine to ensure smooth lips throughout the winter.

To make:

– 2 tbsp used coffee grounds to help exfoliate your lips and give them a plumper, healthier look

– 1/4 tbsp of coconut oil for long-term moisture

– 3-4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil for scent and the healing properties of peppermint

To use:

When doing your skincare routine, take some of the scrub and rub it onto your lips, before rinsing it off. Follow it up with some lip balm, like the LipSense Lip Balm I mentioned above.

Store in a cool, dry place (like your fridge).

7 Days Masks

I’ve recently become really obsessed with the K-Beauty section at CVS, mainly because their sheet masks are incredible. I love to use them after my Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask to replenish my skin. They offer a variety of different masks with a simple idea: pick the natural ingredient for your skincare needs. My three favorite masks are the lemon (for brightening), pomegranate (for replenishing) and tea tree (for oil re-distribution). Get a set of seven masks here.

What are your skincare must-haves for this time of year? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter @MiaReneeCole.

Until Next time,


Photos Courtesy of: Pexels

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small portion of sales if purchases are made from these links

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