The 9 Things That Help Me Battle a Fall Cold

Ah, fall — changing leaves, dropping temperatures, sniffly noses. I just so happened to have the privilege of finishing off summer and ringing in the new season with a nice, flu-like virus a few weeks back, which inspired me to write this post. There’s nothing more discouraging than having a cold and still having to function as a normal human being, so here’s my go-to tips for tackling a cold during the season of tissues and NyQuil.

9 Ways

Get your damn flu shot.

Flu season is here, so go ahead and take some precautions and get a flu shot. It’s seriously so easy to get a flu shot anywhere nowadays and it’s next-than-nothing to pay for one (most insurances cover it), so there’s no excuse to not get one.

Feel a cold coming on? Start taking preemptive measures.

Going to bed early, drinking more water, taking a Vitamin C supplement — these things are essential when you feel a cold coming on, and they can make a huuugee difference in lessening the cold’s impact OR preventing it all together.

Make water your BFF.

Water is super important in helping to get rid of a cold. It helps you stay hydrated (obviously), but it also helps to flush out the bad bacteria in your body which is causing your sickness. Stay off of sodas and coffee and replace those with water, hot tea (with honey to coat your throat, if needed) and some OJ. There’s your Holy Trinity of cold elixirs.

Face masks galore.

When you’re sick, your skin also reacts. Stock up on some detoxifying and brightening face masks to use to not only help your skin feel cool and fresh, but also make it look a tad less like you’re a sick corpse. I love using masks right after a hot shower or bath when I’m sick — just after I’ve cleared my sinuses and feel fresh and clean.

Swap Netflix for magazines.

There’s a reason our mothers never let us watch TV when we were sick as kids — it doesn’t help us relax as much as lying in bed and doing some light reading. We need rest when we sleep and binge-watching Downtown Abbey (my current obsession) doesn’t help with that. Instead, I prefer to stock up on magazines when I’m sick because the articles are short reads that I can enjoy between naps or as entertainment when I’m not feeling like pulling out a novel.

Try some peppermint essential oil. You’re welcome.

Peppermint essential oil not only smells phenomenal, but it also clears up your sinuses like a dream. Grab you a bottle and put a few drops into your hands and slowly breathe it in through your nostrils — you’re welcome. You can also put a few drops on your pillowcase before bed, in the shower before you get in or on your yoga mat (see my next tip) for ultimate breathability.

Do some sicky-time yoga.

Just because you’re feeling crummy doesn’t mean you can’t have some self-love fed into your body. I get this through restorative yoga. Pull out your yoga mat, grab some pillows and put on this Yoga with Adriene video to allow your body to stretch out after a long day in bed. Seriously, restorative yoga when you’re sick makes all the difference in your crummy mood.

Get cozy.

Oh God, there’s nothing I love more than a cozy bed — nothing. Take advantage of being sick to literally just stay in bed all day (if you’re able) and pile on the blankets and pillows for maximum coziness. It’s like sleeping on a cloud. Heaven.

Keep hand sanitizer, tissues and a personal trash bag handy.

Especially if you have to battle your cold at the office, make sure you have hand sanitizer, a box of tissues (I love these) and a separate trash bag for your snotty tissues by your side. The combination of these three things will help you from continually spreading germs throughout your house or office space.

Being sick sucks and there’s (almost) nothing more that I hate than being sick, but this short list of things tends to make my sick days a little less gloomy. What do you like to do when you’re sick? Drop your tips in the comments below or let me know on Twitter @MiaReneeCole.

Until next time,

Photos Courtesy of: Pexels

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