My Fall Fashion Essentials

It’s so hard for me to grasp that summer has come and gone, and we’re now in the season of fall – my favorite season. Wanna know a fun fact? I used to hate fall. I hated everything it came with – dying trees, colder weather and the inescapable fact that I still had until June to experience the freedom of summer again. As I’ve grown and become more of an “adult” (I still can’t use that word seriously for myself), fall has really grown on me. Summer isn’t the hot sh*t that it used to be, and fall is now my cozy, comfort zone.

A lot of fall starts with style for me. Ever since jumping into knitting about four years ago, fall and winter have become exciting seasons for me because they mean one thing: knitting. Not only can I knit more in front of the fire or by a snowy window, but I can wear more of my knitwear and enjoy oversized sweaters and boots for the first time in over half a year.

Fall, for me, is so much more than PSLs (fun fact: I just tried my first PSL this week!), football games (never really been a fan #sorrynotsorry) or changing leaves – fall is, like every other season, its own fashion statement… and it happens to be my favorite fashionable season of the year.

PSLs aside (or in your hand as you’re reading this – you do you, girl), I wanted to share with you some of my favorite fall fashion pieces and trends that are classy and ever-so-cozy.

I also reached out on my social media, asking ladies what their favorite fall fashion staples are, and some of their responses are included in this blog. Get ready for some serious fall fashion inspo.

Fall Style blog graphic

“A fluffy sweater, a statement scarf, skinny jeans/dark leggings, cute knee high boots/nude loafers, and a large cup of tea or coffee.”

– Allie C.


To be honest, black leggings are a year-round fashion trend for me, but they’re much more acceptable in the fall and winter and are easily styled with almost anything you end up styling them with. Paired with an over-sized sweater, cardigan or long baseball tee, they’re the perfect addition to an outfit that you want to look nice, but relaxed. (P.S. These are my all-time favorite leggings!

Styling tip: I like to pair my leggings with a top that covers at least half of my bum, if not my whole butt. Since leggings are so form-fitting, a well-balanced outfit would include a long, flowy top to go with them.

Over-sized sweaters + cardigans

“For me, it’s a staple cardigan. A big, fluffy, knit one!!”

– Sarai S.

Can I get an “amen” for over-sized anything? ’Tis the season for overeating and just like you need your stretchy pants, you also need your over-sized tops. Whether it’s a cardigan or sweater, these items scream fall while also allowing for layering as needed (because what other season will you have drastically chilly mornings with high-70’s in the afternoon?).

Styling tip: all of my favorite over-sized sweaters or cardis are either thrifted or hand-me-downs (stolen/borrowed) from my dad or other male family members. If buying at the store, purchase one that’s one to two sizes larger than your normal size.

Fun tights

As the weather starts to chill, shorter cocktail dresses or skirts need a little bit of added warmth. Tights are a super simple addition to any skirt or dress during the fall, but can make such a dramatic difference. You can pick between solid-colored tights for a more classic look or printed tights (these fox tights are giving me mad vibes) for a fun, eye-catching style statement.

Styling tip: Don’t do the double print! If you’re wearing a printed dress or skirt, don’t pair it with printed tights – too much print can be overwhelming and make a look appear mis-matched.

Chunky knits

As a knitter, knit hats and scarves are my forte. I love a good statement scarf or simple beanie to finish off a look, but I am currently obsessed with chunky knits – over-sized knits that make a serious statement while also being super fluffy and warm. In my opinion, they’re the perfect way to take something simple and make it vogue. (Make sure to check out my collection of chunky knits that will be for sale when my Etsy re-opens on October 19th!)

Styling tip: Pair a chunky knit with a simple outfit and don’t wear it in a place that might be too busy with your look. For example, if you’re wearing a layered look with a jacket, a cardigan and a shirt, wear a chunky hat – not a chunky scarf, because the scarf will make your torso and chest look too cluttered.

“Maroon lipstick, boots, brown leather jacket.”

– Sierra E.


Hello, is it Uggs you’re looking for? Thank God we all grew out of our Uggs phase when we were fifteen and have moved on to bigger and better things – like ankle booties (these are my favorite!), knee-high boots and Doc Martens. If there was a shoe of fall, boots would be The Shoe of Fall. The thing I love most about boots is the fact that most pairs can easily be styled “up” for a nicer look or “down” for a more casual look – they’re super versatile.

Styling tip: Match a pair of socks that are slightly taller than your boots for a fun, layered fall look. This goes great with leggings or tights!


I could go on and on about how much I love socks, especially since they’re one of my favorite things to knit, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll leave you with this: you can finally wear cozy socks again and it be a fashion statement in itself!

Styling tip: Buy thick socks that are a little too big on your feet to pair with your favorite pair of boots and to achieve the “oh, I just slipped these on” Instagram-worthy look of cozy fall sock fashion.

“Fall is stiletto nail season [and] also over-the-knee boots!! They dress up jeans and look great with skirts and dresses too.”

– Madison M.

Messy buns

If my life could be described as one look, it would be a messy bun – hard to put together, seemingly messy, but complimented by many. I love (hair) buns, but maybe that’s the ex-ballerina in me. Sleek buns are all gone come sweater weather and messy buns are back in, which means you can go days without washing your hair and no one will know the better! Check out my friend Whytni’s video on how she achieves her perfect messy bun.

Styling tip: watch Whytni’s video. Seriously. It’s life-changing.

Dark, bold lips

I’m going to pretend right now that I don’t always wear dark, bold lips, but my lips go even bolder in the fall! My favorite fall LipSense colors right now include Glam Doll, Bella and Mulled Wine. Click here to see those colors in action.

Styling tip: Make sure to pick a lip color that matches your skin tone! Is your skin is paler, with a more pink undertone (that’s me!), then you want to use colors with a more blue undertone. Does your skin have a more yellowish undertone? Stick to colors with a warmer undertone.


I always break out my glasses come fall time and wear them 24/7. For me, glasses seem to complete my cozy ensemble that comes with the cooler weather. They’re perfectly paired with knitting or reading by the fire and instantly add personality to any look.

Styling tip: To get the most out of your glasses, frame your hair away from your face. I find it best to pull at least one or two strands of hair away from my face to help focus more attention on my eyes with any look.

What are your fall fashion staples? Let me know on Twitter @MiaReneeCole or in the comments below!

Until next time,


Photos Courtesy of: Pexels

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small portion of sales if purchases are made from these links

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