The Beauty Products that I’m Loving this Summer (2018)

It’s not quite summer yet, but it’s beginning to feel like it, and two of my biggest struggles with this season is the heat and the humidity that come along with it. It can be difficult to look and feel your best when nature is actively against you, but I’ve recently been loving a few products that help me combat the stickiness of summer and allow me to look my best. Keep reading to see the beauty products that I’m loving this summer.


Lush – Breath of Fresh Air

via YouTube

I’ve been loving this product for years and it seriously never gets old. Any type of facial mist or toner is great to help you beat the summer heat because it provides you with a nice spritz of cool mist that allows you to look more awake, healthy, giving you a nice, natural glow that combats any sweat on your face. Breath of Fresh Air isn’t just a good mist, but it’s also a fabulous toner which, over time, has considerably reduced any redness on my face and help to even out my skin tone.

Neutrogena – Healthy Skin Face Lotion w/ Broad Spectrum SPF 15

Though my SeneGence products protect my face from the sun, I’ve recently started pairing them with a morning moisturizer that contains SPF in it too. I began using this one by Neutrogena that has SPF 15 in it, so it’s good for protection but won’t leave my face two shades lighter than the rest of my body come July. I like this moisturizer a lot, though, because it’s not greasy (it’s very light) and it takes one small pump to get enough to cover your entire face.

Mac – Strobe Cream

I recently discovered this gem which has actually been a favorite among beauty gurus for years. Strobe Cream is a moisturizing cream that also highlights your face, giving you a nice, dewey glow that looks natural but also enhances your features. I like to mix it with my foundation to help my skin look less dull in the summer sun, but I also use it as a highlighter when I’m going for a look with less coverage.

SeneGence – LipSense

Of course I had to plug my own product, but hey — LipSense is seriously the best. It stays on for up to 18 hours, so there’s no coming off during sweaty days. Plus, it forms a chemical shield against the sun, ensuring your lips are protected! When topped with Glossy Gloss, it even hydrates your lips with shea butter and Vitamin E. Get $5 off a Starter Kit by mentioning this blog in your next purchase!

Glossier – Boy Brow

via Maggie à la Mode

As they say, I’m pretty “basic,” so of course I’m freaking out about Boy Brow like all of the other women in America. After getting a hang of the product, it is a great tool for styling my brows while keeping a more natural appearance. Plus, it keeps your brows in place so they stay styled throughout the day. It’s great paired with your normal brow pencil or just as your only brow-filling tool, depending on your brow type.

Billie – Shave Cream


In my last blog post, I did an in-depth review of Billie’s razor and shave cream, so make sure to check that out for more info. I seriously love this shaving cream, though. It takes the smallest amount of product to lather up on your legs, it feels and smells great, and it gives you a nice, smooth leg after you’ve shaved. It’s hydrating and not at all irritating, so it’s my new favorite shave cream. Period. Learn more about it here, by entering your email (and helping me out a little bit in the process).

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

This is the mask that kind of blew up the Internet… and for good reason. This is a majorly awesome detoxifying mask that draws out all of the dirt and oil on your face, so it’s perfect for combating the summer humidity. You can buy a tub of it on Amazon and mix one part mask with one part apple cider vinegar for the perfect consistency. Beware: this is some powerful stuff. If you have sensitive skin (like me) only wear it for about 10-15 minutes. I use this mask about once a week and love it — it does wonders for my skin. After I take it off, I wait about an hour or two before I apply a super moisturizing lotion to help restore the moisture in my face.

Not Your Mother’s Naturals – Blue Sea Kale & Pure Coconut Water Sea Minerals Weightless Mousse

I’ve always loved Not Your Mother’s products, so when they reached out to me to try this mousse, I was stoked — but nothing could have prepared me to fall seriously in love with this product. It’s my new favorite hair product, hands down. It’s the most weightless mousse I’ve ever used, allowing my hair to stay bouncy and natural all day, but with a little bit of structure to it. I also like how it doesn’t smell like traditional mousse; it smells more like, well, sea water. It gives you those effortless beach waves that you’ll want all summer long.

Summer’s Eve – Cleansing Wash

Sometimes summer can leave you feeling kinda… gross. Washing your “down there” is very important when wanting to stay grime free, especially in the sweaty summer heat. I really like this soap because it’s Dermatologist approved, pH balanced, and un-scented. Obviously, ladies, don’t put it inside of you, but use it to was around your bikini area and booty-hole for ultimate cleansing, without irritating your skin with a scented lotion.

Pure Romance – Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct is a rollerball perfume that is unlike any other perfume on the market. Instead of being scented, it magically enhances the smell of your own pheromones, giving you your own distinct smell. It naturally draws people to you just like a perfume might, but it’s not overpowering and “too much” like some scents can be. I love it because it wears well throughout a long day, and doesn’t smell like a “mask” over your body odor or sweat — it’s just a nice scent that pairs well with your body. My personal scent is a warm floral scent, smelling like a mix of sugar and flowers — and who doesn’t love that? Get some for yourself here.

And there you have it — my favorite summer beauty products for 2018! Did you like this blog post? Let me know in the comments below or on my social media @MiaReneeCole. What are your go-to beauty products this summer?

Until next time,


Photo Courtesy of: Maggie à la Mode

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small portion of sales if purchases are made from these links.

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