Room Tour (2018)

I’ve been waiting and waiting (and trying to be patient) to show you all my bedroom in my apartment here in Chapel Hill, and the day has finally arrived! I’m super excited to give you a peek around my bedroom in the hope that you can get to know me better, but also find some #inspo in my own design choices. Keep reading to take a look inside.


Overall, I’ve really tried to keep my room light — AKA I want plenty of natural light flowing through my room and I don’t want my décor to distract from that. Since it’s a small room to begin with, I want to make it feel as big and airy as possible. That’s why I chose a white duvet cover for my bed and I re-cycled my old white beaded curtains from my freshman year dorm.

I also added some string lights to add extra light in the evening since I don’t like to turn on my overhead light if I can help it. That provides a very cozy feel in the evenings.

My desk is in the corner between my closet and bed and it’s huge. For a complete desk tour, click here.

Behind my door, I keep just a few things. I’ve kept my record player close to me since I got it for Christmas a few years ago, and I also use the “behind the door storage space” to keep my yoga mat, a hanger for my keys/bag, and a picture frame that is adorned with my favorite dangling earrings.

Naturally, my bed is the focal point of my room. My duvet cover is from IKEA and it’s the best thing ever. I made most of the pillows myself and my step-dad made by headboard (inspired by this headboard from Urban Outfitters). Above my bed, I have some twine strung up where I can display cards and postcards I’ve received from family and friends so as to keep positive, familial vibes in my room at all times.

Next to my bed is my bedside table where I keep my jewelry box, chargers, journals, and knitting supplies. I also have some fake lavender in an up-cycled pickle jar and some pictures.


My only window is next to my bed. I always keep my blinds open and my beaded curtains drawn back to let in as much light as possible. Unlike most, I actually enjoy waking up in the morning with the sun shining through my window — it puts me in a better mood and gets me out of bed quicker. On my windowsill, I keep my plants. My poor babies have been struggling this year and I’m lost as to why. Either way, I have some succulents, some flowers from Trader Joe’s, and my incense.


Across from my bed is my chest of drawers with my TV perched on top. This is where I binge episodes of Gilmore Girls, Friends, and Supernatural. I have a few candles surrounding my TV and my beautiful yarn bowl that holds my remotes when I’m not using it to knit.

Next to my chest of drawers is my “knitting station” or my “Etsy shop on wheels” where I keep *most* of my knitting supplies and necessities. To the left of that is my bathroom, but that’s for another day.

Did you enjoy my room tour? If you want to see some of my past rooms, click on the following posts below to get a better feel for my design inspo.

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Until next time,


Photo Courtesy of: Mia Renée Cole Photography

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small portion of sales if purchases are made from these links.

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