9 Must-Know Galentine’s Day Ideas

It’s officially February, which means one thing: Galentine’s Day is coming up! Galentine’s Day is the ultimate holiday to celebrate with your BFFs, celebrating your friendship and all things that make you happy. Since Galentine’s Day is this Tuesday (February 13th), I wanted to share with you nine ways to celebrate with your BFFs in order to have the best Galentine’s Day yet.

Note: In this blog, I use gender-inclusive language since I believe Galentine’s Day isn’t strictly just for cis women to celebrate. Galentine’s Day, to me, is more about celebrating friendships versus romantic relationships, and can include any friends of any gender. Please note that you should spend Galentine’s Day with your closest friends, regardless of their gender.

1. Re-live middle school and have a sleepover.

Listen… we may be “adults” now, but sleepovers are always fun. Re-live your middle school days (ok, maybe not the best advice?) and have a really campy sleepover, complete with your favorite Boy Band (Jonas Brothers, anyone?), a tween movie (I suggest the movie “Sleepover” with Alexa Vega), and plenty of junk food. Of course, now you can include some wine and stay up past 11 PM, so why not go all out?

2. Host a DIY spa day/nail bar.

TBH everyone loves a good spa or nail day but they can be so expensive. My suggestion wold be just to host one at your place! To cut down on costs, you can even ask your friends to bring different supplies necessary for your activity. If you want, you can make the the experience even more intense by buying some nice candles, including spa wraps, and turning on some Enya.

3. Go to the bar… in your pajamas.

Want to hit the town but feel like you never left your home? It can be done! Meet up with your friends at a local hangout, but just wear your pajamas. At least this way you can drink as much alcohol you want while wearing stretchy pants.

4. Have a craft night.

Craft nights are my favorite and they’re a great excuse to get your friends together without having to plan much in advance. Try to learn something new with all of your BFFs. Take a shot at cross-stitching a fun, feminist phrase or making each other friendship bracelets. Craft nights are also a great excuse to bust out the wine.

5. Have a wine tasting night.

Speaking of wine, host a wine tasting night at your apartment! Have all of your BFFs bring their favorite wine (maybe make a spreadsheet in advance to make sure you’re getting a variety of wines) and host a tasting party, complete with a cheese board and obnoxious wine tasting traditions.

6.  Host a movie night.

Crowd around your TV and watch your favorite rom-coms complete with popcorn and chocolate. Simply doing this can be amazing for the soul. Bonus points if you can make a drinking game out of it.

7. Go to brunch.

There’s something about brunch that just makes me feel very Holly Golightly. Make reservations at a hot brunch spot (or just go to Waffle House, honestly whatever is your thing) and order bottomless mimosas and don’t worry about carbs or calories for one meal. Try to order one of every thing on the menu, and eat off of everyone’s plates.

8. Go window shopping at a super expensive and high-end store.

I’m going to go ahead and apologize to those of you that work retail, but sometimes all a person needs is to go window shopping and browsing at a store that they simply could never afford in the first place. My personal pick would be a nice jewelry place, because, well, diamonds are the key to my heart.

9. Go to Build-A-Bear and make bears together.

Am I the only adult who still has a weird obsession with Build-A-Bear? Ok, but how cute is it to make your own bear and dress it up?! Hit up your local Build-A-Bear and make bears together. You can even record yourselves saying something like “Happy Galentine’s Day!” or another fun phrase to put inside of your Bear to forever keep the memory.

Bonus points if…

Try any of these activities without using your phones or electronics! You can easily make any activity phone-free and I can attest that electronic free nights are so much more fun.

What are you doing this year for Galentine’s Day? Tweet me your plans and ideas @MiaReneeCole.

Until next time,

Disclaimer: This blog post may contain affiliate links. I may receive a small portion of sales if purchases are made from these links.

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