11 Dates to Go on With Your S.O. During December

Ah, December. When I think of December I think of Christmas, snow, warm fires, and cuddling. Yes, “cuffing season” has finally begun. And for those of us lucky enough to have a significant other during this time of year, we should truly be grateful. There’s nothing like snuggling up with the one you love while watching movies, but who said you need to be confined to your house? Here’s a couple of date ideas for when you want to get out.

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Because I wanted a wide variety of date ideas, I went to Facebook to ask people just what they’d like to do with their significant other. Some of those responses are included below!

1. Have a “getaway” weekend.

Josh on Facebook recommended a getaway weekend. Whether it’s at a remote cabin like he suggested, or just your local Motel 6, going on a mini “vacation” and changing your normal scenery can be fun in itself. I personally loved Josh’s idea of a cabin in the woods where you can just relax and spend time together.

2. Act like tourists in your own town.

This could easily be included with your weekend getaway! If you live in an area that’s already touristy, this is the perfect way to spend a day or weekend. It’s fun to explore where you live through a different viewpoint. Take a guided tour (ghost tours are my favorite) or explore all of the campy gift shops and must-stop locations for tourists. Don’t live in a heavily-visited town? Go to the next town over and spend some time exploring it, taking a mini vaycay in a place you’re less familiar with!

3. Go ice skating.

Both Beth and Rachel agreed that ice skating would be a fun date idea for a couple looking for some afternoon fun. Most places have a local ice skating rink, or special rinks that open seasonally, so take advantage of the seasonal activity and the excuse to hold your partner’s hand in public. A lot of ice rinks also offer student discounts or have special “couples” nights/event nights that are extra romantic and enjoyable!

4. Bundle up and go for a walk in the snow.

Hannah mentioned that bundling up with your special someone and just going for a walk in the cold weather can be very romantic (and cheap)! She mentioned that a walk is much slower and calmer than driving and it allows you both to kind of slow down and reflect on yourselves and your surroundings. Très romantique!

5. Visit the Grove Park Inn or Biltmore Estate.

If you live local to Western North Carolina (like me) or you can make this into a day trip, these two are great romantic date ideas! Both Allie and Sierra suggested them on Facebook. My personal pick is Grove Park Inn — it’s an historic hotel high up in the mountains and it’s beautiful. They have a great restaurant, bar, and shopping, and this time of year they have a variety of Christmas trees and gingerbread houses on display. They also have huuuuuge fireplaces that are great for cuddling up in front of! Just exploring Grove Park Inn is fun, and it’s free — you just need to pay a flat parking fee.

6. Drive around to see Christmas lights.

Alyssa, Beth, and Sierra all agree with me — this makes a fun date idea. Make some hot chocolate, get in your car, turn on some festive music, and drive around local neighborhoods to look at Christmas lights and displays. This would also make a great group date idea!

7. Host a holiday party.

Hosting a holiday party can be a fun way to catch up with friends while also showing off how awesome of a couple you are! Though this isn’t technically a date, it’s still a creative way to spend some time with your S.O. — you get to plan the party together, prepare for the party together, host it together, and then snuggle up together after everyone has left, rewarding yourselves with some spiked eggnog. It’s a memorable date, at the very least.

8. Go to IKEA.

If you’re lucky enough to live near an IKEA, this is a great idea, as recommended by Rachel on Facebook. Hell, IKEA is like Disneyland — you can spend an entire day there shopping (or just window shopping) and getting lunch. If you’re in a more serious relationship, this is also a great way to play “house,” planning your future together and figuring out each other’s styles.

9. Visit Christmas markets.

Around this time of year, crafty markets pop up all over the place, as pointed out by Melissa. Take this opportunity to do some last minute Christmas shopping while spending an afternoon with your better half. Maybe you can even convince them into buying you something nice while you’re there…

10. Go to an arcade.

Paige mentioned how fun arcades can be. Arcades are a great (warm) place to spend an afternoon, competing with (or against) your S.O. Paige mentioned how she and her boyfriend won a stuffed dinosaur with the 3200 tickets they collected in one evening! If you’re local to Asheville, my favorite arcade is tucked away in the back of Asheville Pizza & Brewing. Though they don’t have a prize system, my boyfriend and I still have great memories competing for personal glory. After playing in the arcade, you can always grab a bit to eat in their restaurant or catch a second-run movie in their movie theatre as well.


11. Go on a brewery tour.

Brewery tours are all the rage right now, as pointed out by Chloe on Facebook! They’re a great way to test your taste buds and explore new things, all while learning more about beer along the way. If you’re in the Western North Carolina area, Leap Frog Tours offers multiple brewery tours where they shuttle you to each brewery! Get a group together and make it a couples outing!

If you need an excuse to get out of the house this month, here’s 11 different excuses for you! Stay warm and cozy without being cooped up in bed. If you’ve ever tried any of these out or if you plan on trying any of these out, let me know! I’d love to hear your date night stories. Tweet me @MiaReneeCole or shoot me a message on here.

Until next time,


Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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