My Purse Essentials – What’s in my Purse 2017

In lieu of moving back to Chapel Hill in two days, I wanted to give you all a blog post that is a little bit more fun, laid-back, and simple. So I decided to share with you something I’ve never done before on this blog — a glimpse into my every-day bag and what I carry along with me. Keep reading to see my purse essentials (and where to get them).


The bag itself is from The Sak, but I purchased it at TJ Maxx. It’s a beautiful leather crossbody bag in my color of choice: Tiffany Blue (the color doesn’t show quite as well in the above picture, but it shows better below). It has silver studding and zippers, including a zipper (pictured a the front of the bag) which opens into a deep pocket going all the way down the back of the purse.

The bulk of my material, though, is kept in the main compartment, which is enclosed by the magnetic flap on the front of the purse.

numbered purse

I try to only keep the essentials with me but, as a woman, I find that increasingly hard to do. Above, you’ll see everything currently in my purse, laid out in numerical order. We’ll take a peek at each item now.

1. Wallet

I bought this Fossil wallet a few years ago and it’s still holding strong. It holds everything I need: my essential cards, ID, cash and change, checkbook, and receipts. If you know me, you know that I love pockets and compartments — and this wallet provides it all. Sadly, Fossil no longer manufactures this specific design (I think it was the Sydney Clutch, but I’m not sure), but you can browse their newer wallets here.

2. Stylus/Laser Pointer

Obviously a laser pointer is absolutely essential incase I come across any cat that needs entertaining. But I like to use a stylus when posting Instagram or Snapchat stories to make them look nicer. (I use Instagram a lot for promotional purposes, so it’s important that my posts look good on there.) Funnily enough, I don’t happen to carry a writing pen with me, but I find that I need a stylus more often than a pen anyway.

3. Card Holder

This card holder from Target is simply for my extra rewards cards that don’t fit in my main wallet (I’ve become that person). In this little wallet, I just keep the rewards cards that I don’t use as often, but I always try to keep them on hand. This also doubles as a wallet when I carry around a smaller purse. (I couldn’t find the exact card holder online, but I did find an even better one on Target’s website that I may need to purchase for myself in the future. Check it out here.)

4. Business Card Holder

always carry business cards with me. If I learned anything from DECA, it’s that you can make any moment a networking moment, so business cards are essential (I’ll even throw a few in my smaller bags when I go out at night just to have them on hand). I bought this card holder a few years ago on Etsy and it has my monogram engraved on the front. It was a one-time sale on Etsy, so it’s no longer available, but I have since discovered that my Target wallet would work wonderfully for business cards.

5. Etc. (from left to right)

Pocket Hand Sanitizer — this particular one is from Bath & Body Works, where I buy most of my hand sanitizer, honestly.

Lip Balm —lip balm is one of those things that I find myself constantly needing, so I like to carry a little bit with me on the go. This one is from Verbena Soap Company in Downtown Canton. I absolutely love their (actually) all-natural products, including this Rosemary & Ginger Lime All-Natural Lip Therapy.

Fragrance — I haven’t yet raved about my Pure Romance Basic Instinct body oil, but I’m going to now. This oil enhances your pheromones so it works as a natural “sex attractant,” but it also gives you a scent that is uniquely “you.” I happen to love my own scent (*flips hair*), and it’s a great on-the-go scent that smells nice but isn’t overbearing. And if I happen to attract a couple of people along the way, I’m not complaining. You can get your own here.

Lotion — lotion, for me, is like lip balm…I’m always finding that I need some. This particular travel-sized lotion is from Hazelwood Soap Company and I’ve used it so much that the label has worn off. Their verbena scented lotion is my all-time favorite, so I keep it in my purse and on my nightstand. You can buy a full-sized bottle of their lotion here and read more about them here.

Tide-to-Go — because I like to wear my food. A lot.

Eye Drops — I wear contacts and sometimes will wear them for 12+ hours at a time, so eye drops are necessary if I don’t want my eyes to whither up and fall out.

6. Sunglasses

I love sunglasses because they keep you from getting cataracts and can also glam up any outfit. This summer, I’ve been loooooving this particular pair from Robin Blu in Downtown Hazelwood. They’re cat eye and rose-gold, so you know that they’re totally “Mia.” Plus, they came with their own cute zippered case that says: “See the world through rose-colored lenses.” *Sigh.*


And those are my purse essentials! Did you enjoy this blog post? Please let me know! See you next time…

Untitled 1

Photo Courtesy of: Mia Renee Cole

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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