“Approaching the Swingularity” w/ Cooper S. Beckett

This week on Sexpert, we have a very special guest — Cooper S. Beckett, bestselling author, podcaster, relationship coach, and an all-around really cool guy. Cooper and I talk about his life as a polyamorous man, the highs and lows of swinging, and his new book, Approaching the Swingularity.

By far, this is one of my favorite Sexpert interviews to date. With his incredibly charismatic voice and friendly conversation, he’s the perfect guy to give you an introduction to polyamory and swinging. He was perfect for me, at least.


I learned so much about non-monogamous relationships and can’t wait to share it all with you this Friday.

Cooper’s new novel Approaching the Swingularity was released Tuesday, and is a follow-up to its first instillation, A Life Less Monogamous. Together, the two books follow the fictional relationship of a married couple seeking to broaden their sex life — by swinging. Approaching the Swingularity takes them to a resort for swinging couples, Aphrodite’s Resort and Spa. The book features seven different viewpoints of various people at Aphrodite’s, including multiple tingling sex scenes.

The book itself isn’t just all erotica, though. It shows swinging in its raw, non-sugar-coated form. It has a real story line and character development, but all of this is perfectly balanced with some steamy sex.

Learn more about swinging, polyamory, and Cooper’s writing this week on Sexpert. Even if you aren’t interested in non-monogamy, I’d highly suggest giving this episode a listen. You can also purchase Cooper’s books on his website.

Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

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