Tomi Lahren Isn’t “Noble” For Her Pro-Choice Statement

The news of the week so far is, undoubtedly, the temporary(ish) suspension of Tomi Lahren’s talk show “Final Thoughts” from the Conservative media outlet TheBlaze. Though many people (myself included) are glad to see that her show will not be producing any new content for at least a week, let’s consider why we shouldn’t be celebrating her suspension.

If you’re familiar with the news, you’re probably familiar with the story. During her appearance on “The View” last week, when asked about her opinion on abortion, Lahren admitted that she is, in fact, pro-choice. (Shocker, I know.) Her reasoning? It’s simple: as a Conservative, she believes in limited government; therefore, she believes that it’s not the government’s place to control a woman’s body. She even went as far to call pro-life Conservatives hypocrites for believing the government should be limited except in the case of abortion.

And she got suspended for it.

Though I admire her statement and was rather pleased to see her calling out people of her own party, I wouldn’t go as far to call her actions “noble.”

Lahren wasn’t suspended for “standing up for women’s rights” (as many people are tweeting); she was defending her party beliefs on a limited government. She doesn’t believe the government shouldn’t interfere with abortion because women have the right to their own bodies, but rather because the government shouldn’t be involved. She has never stood up for women’s rights.

Yes, she was suspended for one simple statement she made about being pro-choice, but that doesn’t excuse the many racist, xenophobic, transphobic, sexist, etc. statements she has made since her talk show with TheBlaze began. She wasn’t fired for these things, but she was fired for being pro-choice.

She may have “lost her job,” but women have been losing jobs and respect from people for decades for being pro-choice, pro-woman, pro-feminism. This is nothing new. Either way, she has no major worries over this — she’s well known and well-liked by many Conservative media outlets. She’ll be fine. In fact, last night she was tweeting about her sudden free time and asked for TV suggestions. Many other women wouldn’t have this privilege to relax after being fired — she does.

People are applauding her for her pro-choice statement while they’re tearing down the millions of women worldwide for marching and protesting in the name of women’s rights. She did nothing but give an opinion on national television (something she’s well known for). I wouldn’t call that noble.

Finally, she’s not noble simply because she’s privileged. As a first-class, white, American woman, she is privileged. She hasn’t completely lost her job because she brings TheBlaze too many good ratings — she’ll be back soon. She has nothing to worry about. She isn’t one of the 20 million women who have unsafe abortions each year because they don’t have the access to get a safe one. 

Until Tomi Lahren is adamantly standing up for women’s rights and for being pro-choice, she is not noble. Even then, standing up for women’s right’s isn’t noble — it’s common sense.

Photo Courtesy of: TheBlaze

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