How I Organize My Desk (Desk Tour 2017)

I’ve been wanting to write a lighter-styled blog post for a couple of weeks now and, after asking Twitter about a desk tour, I decided to write this. My desk space is very important to me. It allows me to be productive and organized, all while still expressing my style. Take a peek into my little workspace.



Overall, my desk space is pretty comfortable. It may be a bit more cluttered than some people like, but it works just fine for me. I’m in no way a minimalist and I like having things to look at. Everything surrounding my desk is there for two reasons: to make me feeling happy and encourage me to be more productive.

The most recent addition to my desk space has been this clipboard frame from Michael’s. Although the crafty side of me said “you could definitely make that,” I bought it anyway and settled for an old wedding picture of my parents (and probably my favorite picture of them as well). It really makes the space feel more classy and nostalgic.


With the months becoming warmer and warmer, I’m also picking flowers from the arboretum (whoops) to keep on my desk. Though my slight pollen allergies don’t necessarily like them, I do. They make my desk feel more alive, beautiful, and bright — and I like it.

Moving to the right I have a candle (I think it’s named Smoked Vanilla from B&BW), my favorite hand lotion, and my pen collection. I always like to keep lotion at my desk because my hands always feel the most dry when I’m working on the computer or in textbooks. Candles (and anything smell-good) are also essential, even if I am breaking housing rules (whoops again).


In the right corner, I have a couple of books stacked on top of each other with some other trinkets. I like this book technique when decorating because it adds different levels to a flat space and makes it seem a tad bigger. My books of choice are Lauren Conrad’s Style (my high school Bible) and Vintage Knit Knacks, a book of neat knitting patterns.


On top of the books, I have another favorite candle, my essential oil diffuser, and a little “junk” box where I keep mailing stamps. I like to regularly diffuse essential oils (I love doTERRA) to make my whole room smell nice or just to simply improve my mood. My go-to scents are Wild Orange (especially in the mornings), OnGuard (for cold/flu season or if I’m sick), and a mixture of Motivate and Cheer (for study sessions).

IMG_5443 (1)

I also like to keep motivational and memorable things above my desk on a set of four square-shaped bulletin boards (thanks, Mom!). I added some scrapbook paper on two of the boards to give them a bit more style and help them stand out.


On these, I like to keep cute notes or cards, pictures, and trinkets that help motivate me day-to-day. Out of this collection, my favorite motivator is a comic featured in the Daily Tar Heel (our on-campus newspaper). It’s pictured below.


But I keep other things on here as well. I have pictures of friends, sweet notes I receive, and even my first A+ on a college assignment (Spanish presentation on Xochimilco, in case you were wondering). This whole display helps add to the purpose of my desk: a motivational workspace that is both functional and fun.


For me, my desk space is very important. I need something that not only looks pretty, but also allows me to get lots of work done. This is where I study, this is where I write blogs, this is where I record and edit podcasts, and this is where I watch Netflix. I’m just glad I can do it in such a pretty place.

Want a desk organization blog? Let me know. 

Photo Courtesy of: Mia Renee Cole


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