Let’s Talk About Lorde’s New Single

Now that Lorde’s new single has been out for a couple of days, I wanted to talk about how important it is for teens and young adults to be listening to it. After the initial excitement of Lorde coming out from her four year hole, and the following excitement of the actual sound of the song itself, it’s time to actually sit down and listen to the lyrics, to know just how important of a message it portrays.

It doesn’t take multiple listens to understand the meaning behind “Green Light.” It’s a story quite the opposite of other songs by today’s top female artists. Instead of singing about getting into a relationship, asking someone to stay, or singing about loneliness, Lorde is doing almost exactly the opposite — she’s singing about trying to get out of a seemingly toxic relationship.

After listening through the catchy rhythm and the very singable lyrics, you hear Lorde singing about pain, deception, and uncertainty. She’s asking for that “green light,” so she can leave.

This is so, so important for young people to hear. There have been too many times where I’ve seen people my age — my own friends — stuck in toxic relationships that they were too afraid to leave, unable to leave, or simply unaware of their unhappiness.

Lorde speaks to the women in toxic relationships. This isn’t “Love the Way You Lie;” this isn’t some up-beat breakup song; this isn’t Katy Perry’s sad attempt at a call for activism. This is raw, real emotion that expresses the pain of someone in an unhealthy relationship. This song makes a point to highlight just how bad toxic relationships can be and how necessary it is for people to leave — even if they’re waiting for that “green light.” It tells listeners to leave any unhealthy relationship behind.

Coming from a society that almost forces marriage on adults, encourages young women to stay with their “baby daddy,” and feeds into rape culture, messages like Lorde’s are important. They’re telling young women that they don’t — and shouldn’t — have to stay with someone, for any reason, if they’re unhappy or in a bad situation. Sadly, this is not a sentiment commonly expressed by pop culture or our society today. This is why it’s so important that Lorde is making this statement now.

So go listen to “Green Light” and share your thoughts with me. Remember that you deserve happiness and you, especially, deserve to be in exclusively safe relationships. If Lorde, who is only 20, can recognize it, so can you.

If you feel like you’re in an unhealthy or abusive relationship and need a safe source to talk to, call or chat with the National Domestic Violence Hotline.

Photo Courtesy of: LordeVevo

Editor’s Note: All opinions are my own and all conclusions are interpreted as my own. I am not saying that “Green Light” is exclusively about toxic relationships — this is just my interpretation.

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