How to Have the Best Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is coming up in just a few days and, though I’m excited, many people can seriously dread this holiday — especially if they’re single. Here’s how to have the best V-Day when you’re…alone.

In last week’s episode of Sexpert, we talked about how to have the best Valentine’s Day ever (check us out on iTunes, Podbean, or Google Play to listen), and you can find even more advice in Episode 027. Give it a listen!

I’m kind of the queen of being single on Valentine’s Day — and embracing it. Though I’m not single this year, I’m still here to help everyone celebrate one of the best holidays of the year. The holiday of love.

Here are some things you can do to have the BEST VALENTINE’S DAY EVER.

1. Remember that Valentine’s Day is about love — NOT about relationships.

Though consumerism may lead us to believe otherwise, remember that Valentine’s Day is NOT about lovers. Yes, if you have a lover, you most certainly should celebrate your love for them, but Valentine’s Day is ultimately about love for everyone and everything around you.

As Mason put it in our episode, it’s not about feeling good, it’s about feeling the love you have towards others — whether it’s your mom, your cat, or your friend.

2. Quit f*cking moping.

Crying and pouting has never helped anyone. If you openly think and complain about hating Valentine’s Day, you’ll find yourself feeling hate, when you’re supposed to be feeling love. If you try changing your mindset, you may find yourself enjoying it a bit more.

3. Celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Ah, Galentine’s Day (February 13th), the day to celebrate friendship. Though this can also be done on the 14th, setting aside a day this time of year to just celebrate with your gals could be beneficial. It can help you get out of any funk you might be in and allow you to be grateful for what you already have.

4. Do something kinda crazy.

Do something thrilling that makes you feel great and powerful. Last year, I got my nipples pierced and it was AWESOME. Go dye your hair, try rock climbing, get a new piercing/tattoo (really consider this one before doing it, though), do something that makes you feel empowered.

5. Have a wine night.

Wine is always your friend, and wine will always love you back. Draw yourself a bubble bath (do they still say “draw a bath”?), pick up a sappy romance novel, pour yourself some red wine, and just SOAK. I promise, it will leave you feeling 10x better than before.

6. Buy yourself a gift that keeps giving.

Sure, shopping is fun — but what if you just kept on receiving? My recommendation would be a subscription box, because they have those for everyone — subscription boxes full of make-up, food, fandom collectibles, even subscription boxes for break-ups. If a subscription box isn’t necessarily your thing, try a magazine or newspaper subscription, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or, as Mason suggested on Episode 027, a plant.

7. Pamper yourself.

Ah, the infamous “pamper yourself” on Valentine’s Day. This time, though, a simple bubble bath won’t cut it. Dish out the dough for something NICE — something you wouldn’t normally do. Get a mani AND a pedi, pay for a full-body, half-hour massage, take a spa day. Do something that makes you feel special.

8. Spend the day with your family (or your 12 cats).

Spend the day with the people you love who will also probably make you dinner. Spending time with family on Valentine’s Day may seem lame, but you may be surprised how great it will make you feel…and how great it will be to see how much your family cares for you.

9. Change up your look.

Nothing makes you feel more confident than changing up your look. Go to the hairstylist and cut those bangs you’ve been thinking about for months now, get some highlights, go all-out and add hair extensions. Do something that will have your friends and family saying “woah.”

10. Go to your local animal shelter.

Go play with puppies and kittens or, be a really good samaritan, and take some time to go and walk some dogs and clean some litter boxes. Animals always make us feel better, and animal shelters are free. You may even find your forever friend there, which will really pay off in the long run.

There’s literally no excuse to be sad on Valentine’s Day. Though we should be celebrating love 365 days of the year, February 14th is always a special day on our calendars. Try to enjoy it this year, because choosing to hate it is never a good idea.

Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

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