Everything You Need to Know About the Pussyhat Project

Women are motherfuckin’ uniting, and they’re doing it during the Women’s March on Washington on January 21st. While some are calling it a “joke,” other organizations are working to empower women as they take a stand for their rights, their equality, and their womanhood. The Pussyhat Project is just one of those organizations.

via The Pussyhat Project

The Pussyhat Project, as explained in their mission, is looking to help empower women by bringing back the word “pussy” as an empowering statement — and not just something used derogatorily by our President-elect. To do this, they’re doing the obvious — making cat hats (or “Pussyhats”) for women to wear while marching.

The hats, knit by women all over the world, will be showcased at the March, making a statement for women worldwide.

But what exactly are these hats proving?

Their mission points out five things:

1. Power in Numbers

There are currently 11,000+ people RSVPed on Facebook to attend the March. Imagine if every one of those people wore a pink hat? Now, imagine if the National Mall — filled to capacity — was a sea of pink hats? Pretty cool, for many reasons.

2. The Power of Pink

We all know that pink is deemed as a “girly” color, but it embodies “feminine” qualities that are very empowering, so we must work on empowering the color. We must be “unapologetically feminine” as we “unapologetically stand for women’s rights.”

3. Power of Individuality

The fact that literally anyone can participate in this March — whether it’s by marching, wearing a hat, or knitting a hat — is pretty cool. Everyone can be involved and feel special, like they’re making a difference.

4. Power of the Handmade

We all know that knitting is considered feminine, but did you know that knitting groups are a great way for women to find support? Plus, let’s not forget about the love put into things made by the hand, especially for causes like this one.

5. The Power of Pussy

“Pussy” has always been used as a derogatory term towards women and women’s sexuality. Let’s reclaim it in a positive light embodying our fuckin’ awesome sexuality and our fuckin’ awesome womanhood — after all, we all have a fuckin’ pussy anyway.

So how do you participate?

If you want to participate (like I am), all you gotta do is make a hat (or two, or twelve). The Pussyhat Project has even provided you with a pattern, printable note tags, and information on getting the hats to the March. The pattern is simple (and available for knitters, crocheters, and sewers), the note tags are cute as hell, and you have multiple ways to get your hat to Washington.

I’ll be participating from home (or, erm, my dorm room) and mailing my hats up to the address provided. You only have a few days left to get your hat(s) in the mail, but it will make all the difference.

You may think it’s silly, but sitting down and doing nothing is silly also.

Photo Courtesy of: Donald Tong via Pexels

P.S. Once you’re done with your hat, use the hashtag #pussyhat on Instagram. Ya know I will!

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