5 Kissing Tips for the Holiday Season

December is finally here and so is Episode 020 of Sexpert! This week, we’re talking all about kissing — the do’s and don’ts, how to make your kissing the best, and when the best time to kiss someone is. We also discuss mistletoe and the history behind it. Here are some of the kissing tips we talked about in Episode 020 – Kissing & Shit, out on Friday!

1. Start slowly and build.

You gotta test the waters before plunging in. Start slowly and gently, and take it from there. A simple kiss of the upper-lip will do to begin with, then you can incorporate tongue and faster, harder kissing.

2. Don’t start with too much tongue.

Don’t! Start! Your! Kiss! With! Tongue! BUILD UP TO THE TONGUE.

3. Move your hands.

Keeping your hands in one place can be boring and uneventful. Moving them around keeps the energy going and the senses rising. Play with their hair, their ears; hold their lower backs, their necks; caress their face, their head. Listen to Episode 020 to find out Madison and Mia’s favorite places to touch and be touched.

4. Change up the pace.

Kissing at the same pace or doing the same tricks can also be super boring — you don’t want your partner falling asleep! Continually change up the pace, the intensity, the moves, etc. This makes it more passionate and exciting.

5. Take slight pauses.

Add to the intimacy and romance by taking slight pauses in between your kisses to look at each other, hover close together, or simply catch your breath. This can add to the closeness of your kissing and the longing for each other.

6. Make sure it’s consensual.

As always, make sure you’re kissing someone who wants to kiss you. Whereas it’s pretty unromantic to drop the “Can I kiss you now?” line, you can definitely read others’ body language to see where they stand. Are they standing/moving closer to you? Are they touching your arm or leg? Are they looking at you or trying to catch your gaze? Is their body lingering close to yours? You can usually read these signs and then, of course, read into them further as you go in for the kill — erm, kiss.

Whether it’s your first kiss with someone or you just want to up your game, kissing (and kissing well) is an important part of any relationship — especially during this time of year. Listen to Episode 020 of Sexpert to learn more about our kissing tips for the holiday season!

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Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

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