6 People Give Their Opinions on Pubic Hair

Happy November! For #NoShaveNovember, Sexpert is bringing you an all-new episode, all about pubic hair! What are the best shaving tips? Is pubic hair hygienic? What do guys and girls think of pubic hair during sex? All of these questions and more are answered in Episode 017 of Sexpert!

Mason, and I all asked our individual friends for their opinions and input on pubes, shaving, and sex. To hear more of our opinions on these quotes and catch our tips, tricks, and stories of dealing with pubes, check out Episode 017!

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“I like how I look when I’m shaved but it is too much work and I’m lazy so I rarely ever do. I think it’s weird when guys shave but at the same time I don’t like body hair. So have fun figuring that out, boys.”


“I shave and I find that I’m definitely more attracted to being with people who shave as well. I think it gives me some illusion of extra self care & cleanliness in a subtle way but it’s never mattered enough to me to think differently of the partners I’ve been with who don’t shave at all. I’m not really attracted to hairy guys though. Even if I were to go months and months without having a partner I shave my body because I like it that way and I feel like that shouldn’t have to do with anyone else’s views. I think it makes me feel like my life is a little more organized.”


“I prefer trimmed, but not clean-shaved. I think too much hair is difficult and can ‘get in the way,’ but clean-shaved seems almost unnatural to me.”


“I do shave but I think there is too much pressure on women to shave all the time. It’s a little obsessive to always be expected to be perfectly smooth. I don’t like guys to shave. I mean I don’t want a mouth of hair when I’m giving a blow job, but clean shaven just looks like a porn star and that’s not attractive.”


“I shave pubes completely for ‘special occasions’ more as an act of preparation, self-care and cleanliness for myself than for my partner. I don’t care either way whether my partner is shaven or unshaven. In fact, I might even say I have a slight preference for unshaven body hair/pubic hair because it is an indicator of one’s own comfort with their body as it is.”


“I used to shave a whole bunch when I was in XC [cross country]; we used to poke fun at the other guys if they had a nasty unkept jungle down there until they cleaned it up. Only problem for me is that I’m prone to ingrown hairs so I don’t shave as often down there. I have a beard that I usually trim. I recently trimmed my happy trail for the first time and that was a magical experience.”


More quotes and opinions are featured in this week’s episode of Sexpert, Episode 017! Hear more and get our shaving tips, first-time shaving stories, and witless humor on Friday.

Photo Courtesy of: Pexels

*Some quotes moderately changed and shortened for clarity.*

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