My Etsy Shop + A Coupon Code!

If you didn’t know already, I knit. And I just so happen to have an Etsy shop where I sell knit accessories and items. I have unique things and basic things; feminine things and masculine things. I sell things for chickens and for tea. I don’t have hundreds of things for sale, but each order is customized for what YOU want, and handmade with YOU in mind. That’s kinda my thing.

With this being said, I wanted to do a bit of self-promo so everyone can be in-the-know about what I sell. Stay tuned with my shop to see new listings and new promotional sales. Keep reading for pictures and reviews, as well as a coupon code just for you!

Hats & Headbands

Pictured: “BIG Hat”


The “BIG Hat”


Standard, but still a statement, the BIG Hat is great for keeping your entire head warm during the winter. I make them both with and without the pom-pom, at no additional charge. One size fits most, though I can adjust the size for you upon request!

Materials: acrylic yarn (wool yarn upon request, at an extra cost)

Buy the BIG Hat here.

The “Kitty Hat”



For those of you who like cats, or for those of you who just can’t cut it with a basic hat, the Kitty Hat is just for you! With the standard model and build of the BIG Hat, the Kitty Hat has some additional ears at the top – and they’re super cute! Plus I have a specific listing of this hat for BABIES. As if babies couldn’t get any cuter, now they can have their own Kitty Hat!

Materials: acrylic yarn (wool yarn upon request, at an extra cost)

Buy the Kitty Hat here.

The “Bunny Hat”


My favorite feature of the Bunny Hat is probably its bendable ears. That’s right – you can bend and mess with the ears as much as you want! Disclaimer: since the ears are kind of top-heavy, they don’t stand up on their own, but they make for super cute, floppy bunny ears!

Materials: acrylic yarn (wool yarn upon request, at an extra cost)

Buy the Bunny Hat here.

The “Basic Beanie”


Just as it says, this beanie is pretty basic. It’s long and fits most heads comfortably. Of course, I can change the sizing upon request.

Materials: acrylic yarn (wool yarn upon request, at an extra cost)

Buy the Basic Beanie here.

All hats available with a fun, sparkly yarn too!!

The “Bow Headband”


I find this perfect if you’re looking to keep your ears warm but without having treacherous hat hair. Resembling a bow, it stretches to comfortably fit your head and cover your ears. It can be worn with basically any hairstyle!

Materials: acrylic yarn

Buy the Bow Headband here.

Scarves & Cowls

Pictured: “Woman’s Cravat”

Simple Cowl


Simple is my name, don’t wear it out. As you might have caught on by now, I like simplicity – and that’s exactly what this cowl embodies. I love cowls because they work to keep your neck warm without getting in the way while wearing a winter coat.

Materials: acrylic yarn

Buy the Simple Cowl here.

Woman’s Cravat


Like a lot of my products, I was asked to knit this as a custom order for someone. I quickly fell in love with the pattern. This is about the size of a cowl, and it’s about 20x more fashionable. If you’re looking to channel your inner fashionista and/or Francophile, this is a great way to do it.

Materials: acrylic yarn (wool yarn upon request, at an extra cost)

Buy the Woman’s Cravat here.

I don’t currently have any basic scarves or infinity scarves listed, but I do make them! Just message me for more information. I hope to list them soon!

Drink Accessories

Pictured: “Tea Bag Pouch”

Mug Cozies


Mug cozies are great because (1) they keep your hot drink warmer for longer (2) keep you from burning your precious fingers off and (3) are super cute. When you have all of this going for you, the only thing left for you to do is buy one. I make them for both regular mugs and travel mugs.

Materials: wool yarn

Buy the Mug Cozy here and the Travel Mug Cozy here.

The “Tea Bag Pouch”


For those of you that aren’t big tea drinkers, this may come as a bit of a shock to you – but these things are great for keeping some on-the-go tea bags. Anecdote time: I made two of these for myself when going to Australia so I could take my favorite tea for my flights. The pouches were super handy! Not only did they hold up to 3-4 tea bags each, but they also kept my tea bags all together and any spills of tea leaves from getting into my carry-on.

Materials: acrylic yarn

Buy the Tea Bag Pouch here.

Blankets & Sweaters

Pictured: “Basic Baby Blanket” (and a very cute – rather big – baby)

The “Basic Baby Blanket”

Perfect for newborns (though it looks like small toddlers also approve), the Basic Baby Blanket is pretty plain. It’s made with acrylic yarn so it’s easy to clean and can handle stains well since it’s not too intricate. As noted on my Etsy, baby blankets take a while to knit, so you need to order about 4-8 weeks in advance.

Materials: acrylic yarn

Buy the Basic Baby Blanket here.

I will soon be listing my favorite blanket – my “Chunky Blanket” which is a big, chunky throw, knitted on super large needles. Be on the lookout!

The “Chicken Sweater”


Have boring, bland, dirty chickens? Want your chickens to be a little more fabulous? I have the perfect product for you! The chicken sweater isn’t just fashionable but it helps protect your hen from mean roosters and keeps her warm if she’s experiencing abnormal molting. Like the baby blanket, these are also made with exclusively acrylic yarn for easy cleaning – because I know your chickens are your babies.

P.S. I wish I had a picture of a chicken wearing its sweater, but I’m still waiting for a picture from my aunt. Hopefully I’ll have a new sweater knit for my own chickens soon!

Materials: acrylic yarn

Buy the Chicken Sweater here.

There you have it – that’s all that I have for sale in my Etsy shop! As noted throughout the blog, I will be adding new items soon!

Want 10% off your order? Use coupon code “XOXOX” at checkout! 

Photo courtesy of: Mia Renee Cole



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