Dorm Tour // 2016

Remember last year when I posted a dorm tour? After hearing from a couple of my friends and family that they’d like to see similar blog post again this year, I couldn’t help but comply. I have a kind of guilty pleasure for room tours/dorm tours/MTV Cribs/anything HGTV. For most of my life, my room has been my everything – my sanctuary, the place that really represents me as a person. So I’d like to share it, once again, with you all today.

I’m going to talk less in this blog and, instead, just let you enjoy the pictures as they are. I’m living with my roommate Rose in an all-girls, hall-styled dorm built in 1922. We were lucky enough to get a corner room on the second floor. Welcome to Manly 214.

As a preface, we almost never have our overhead light on. We almost always depend on natural lighting and string lights to brighten our room. It has a very romantic, cozy feel that we both love. Sadly, it’s not captured well in pictures. This first image is a picture of the room in its natural light, the second – for comparison – is what it looks like with the overhead on. Keep in mind, the first picture isn’t an exact depiction, but it’s pretty close. The rest of the photos were taken with the overhead light on.











There you have it – mine and Rose’s room. As always, thanks for stopping by!

Photos Courtesy of: Mia Renee Photography


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