Bare Men w/ Abigail Ekue

In case you needed more of a reason to be excited for this week’s episode of Sexpert, I’ll give you another one. On Friday, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to my interview with Abigail Ekue, photographer, (erotica) writer, and NYC extrodinaire. We’ll be discussing her new book – Bare Men.

Yeah, you heard me correctly. And if the photo didn’t give it away already, you may have somewhat of an idea of what the book is about. Abigail worked tirelessly for four years to create a book that encompassed male sexuality without sexual or hyper-masculine stigmas and, my god, she did it.

Bare Men was released yesterday. You can get your copy here:

Bare Men: A Male Nude Photo Series by Abigail Ekue Photography

Abigail has also released her own erotica writing, of which I read an excerpt of on the show. Her book, The Darker Side of Lust, is full of short, erotic stories written by her. We discuss her short erotica, Indubitably Obama” on this week’s episode of Sexpert as well.

The Darker Side of Lust – 5th Anniversary Edition

Below, you can preview some of the photos from her collection of photos for Bare Men. If you want to see more (and support an amazing artist with an amazing cause), look into purchasing her book.

Find out more in this week’s episode of Sexpert.

bare men





Photos Courtesy of: Abigail Ekue Photography

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