A Blog Update

I don’t usually like to disrupt the flow of my regular posts with an “update” post, but I felt like, with all the things I’m working on right now, this post was mandatory.

I’ve just begun my second year of school at UNC Chapel Hill and have also officially changed my major – so I guess you could say things are going pretty well. My podcast is running steadily, my photography is getting more attention, and my knitting – well – it’s still the middle of summer, so my knitting has taken a holiday.

There’s a couple of things going on behind the scenes at Mia Renee Cole that will soon be very public and are becoming effective as of, well, now.

A new website design.

I’m really excited to say that I’m collaborating with Ty Baka to create a new website design that runs across the board for all of my things: blog, podcast, knitting, and photography. When this will go into effect is still TBA, but Ty has said that she’ll have a few mockups to me as early as tonight. With that being said, she’s actually live streaming the process of her creating the mockups for my website on her Twitch channel tonight at 6. So, if you want some cool behind the scenes coverage, check that out.

And a new schedule.

What with managing a podcast and a full course-load at Carolina, I wanted to inform everyone of the new schedule Mia Renee Cole will be following beginning now. My podcast, Sexpert, has begun running on a biweekly schedule, and so will this blog. They will run on alternating weeks. So, if you’re looking to get the FULL MIA RENEE COLE COVERAGE (lol, that was totally a joke), then you’ll want to make sure you’re subscribed to Sexpert (available on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and Podbean) and subscribed to this blog (you can do that on the right hand side of this page) to get notifications every week for when I enter your life.

I’m introducing something a little new to Mia Renee Cole, though, that’s going to run alongside Sexpert. Though I will be publishing my normal blog posts every other week, on the “other” weeks – AKA the weeks a new Sexpert episode will go up – I will post a blog correlating to that episode of Sexpert. This way I can – hopefully – have a cross of visitors, and have something in print about or similar to what we will be talking about on the podcast on said week.

To summarize:

Because I know all of you skipped that above information and are just reading this summary for more concise info.

-New website design

-Sexpert will be running biweekly

-Mia Renee Cole will be running biweekly (kinda: see below)

-I’ll be posting a correlating blog each week the podcast is published

Thanks to everyone for your endless support over the last couple of years, and for your patience with me as I continue to *attempt* to get an education.

If you’re not following me on all my social media platforms, you should definitely do that now.

Facebook: Mia Renee Cole / Sexpert

Instagram: Mia Renee Cole

Twitter: Mia Renee Cole

Snapchat: (miareneecole)

Pinterest: Mia Renee Cole

Sexpert: iTunes / Podbean / Google Play / YouTube

Photography: Mia Renee Photography

Knitting: BadassKnittingChick

Photo courtesy of: Mia Renee Photography


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