Conservatives Have Opinons Too

For a person that doesn’t believe in bipartisanship, I sure do talk about Conservatives and Liberals a lot – but I believe that we should be equally talking about Republicans, Democrats, Independents, in order to be a fully rounded society. Today, I’ll stand up for the Republicans, namely the Trump supporters.As you all know, I am not a fan of Donald Trump (and that’s putting it modestly), but I hold the firm belief that people are (a) entitled to their opinions and (b) have the right to vote and support who they want in elections. So I’m sick and tired of seeing bigotry towards Trump supporters when it’s less than 100 days until Election Day.

For as much as Conservatives bash Liberals (and vice versa), Republicans have been saying something for a while now that I whole-heartedly agree with – “Liberals ‘preach’ acceptance, but bash Trump supporters for their opinions.”

In my frank opinion, anyone not supporting Trump should have the free speech to bash him as much as they’d like, but they shouldn’t hating on the people that do support him.

Because, as a party that encourages “freedom of speech” and acceptance of those that are different from them, deciding not to associate with someone voting for a particular presidential candidate is almost the same as choosing not to associate with someone because of the color of their skin.

Trump supporters have done absolutely nothing wrong. One could argue that a vote for Trump is a direct vote against Latinos, African-Americans, women, etc. – but I’m trying to look at the bigger picture here.

We’re a nation that is currently split on many issues: police brutality, abortion, welfare, gay rights, immigration, tax reform – and most of us are more worried about what our friends’ opinions are.

I understand that a vote for Trump, for many Liberals, is a vote against every thing they stand for – trust me, I really understand this. But what Donald Trump does or doesn’t do if voted into office is not a direct reflection of all the people who vote for him, and we shouldn’t be blaming the people who vote for him, when he might be the real problem. After all, we hated Hitler, not his citizen-level supporters – he was the one running the game.

I don’t want to encourage hate either. Hate is what has torn this country apart. A country founded on hope and dreams has now crumbled down to a pit of anger and resentment – all because we’re too worried about ourselves and our own lives, than we are the bigger picture.

Choosing to openly discredit Trump supporters for having an opinion is a perfect example of this selfish immaturity that exists within our country today.

So, when someone on Instagram posts a picture at a Trump rally, don’t comment on it telling them that you’re disappointed or that you’re sickened by their choice to attend. If your Facebook friend posts a pro-Trump status, don’t threaten to unfriend them simply because they posted an opinion that differs from your own.

Instead, praise these people for actually having an opinion, a passion for a particular political candidate. So many people lack the drive to vote in America or be informed about politics. Instead of discrediting their views, have an intelligent political debate with them (and trying to argue that Trump supporters aren’t smart enough to have an intelligent debate is devaluing them because of who they support – just because most believe that Trump can’t properly debate, doesn’t mean his supporters can’t).

I really feel like I’ve talked about this idea before – I mean, I actually have – but it’s so important to be reminded that the United States is already pretty great, but we’re also getting pretty weak, because we’re not united as a Nation.

Because we’re not going to fix anything if we’re divided.

Photo courtesy of: Gage Skidmore


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