How to Make Condoms Awesome

Since this week’s episode of Sexpert is about condoms, I figured it would only be totally cool of me to write a blog post about condoms. For many sexually active people, condoms have negative connotations: a hassle to use, decreased pleasure for men, uncomfortable, and expensive–just to name a few. With about 24 of every 1,000 women aged 15-19 experiencing unexpected pregnancy and the lack of comprehensive sex education in schools, however, it’s pertinent to stress the importance of condoms and other forms of birth control. Since condoms are the most popular (and accessible) form of birth control for young adults, I’m here to tell you how to get the best experience out of using them.

Have your partner put it on for you.

This can be super hot (from what I’ve been told from some guys). It’s intimate and less work for the guy.


Yay lube!!! Lube is useful in so many ways, especially when using condoms. Of course it always helps to put lube on the outside of the vagina before insertion (it helps please the woman more AND makes insertion easier), but have you ever thought to put lube in the condom? Put just a drop of lube in the tip of the condom to help increase pleasure while wearing the condom. I’ve heard it’s very helpful. Note: When wearing condoms, always use water-based lube! Oil-based lube actually works to eat away at condoms, kind of ruining the whole point of protection.

Buy the right size.

It’s crucial to buy the right size in order to get the most out of your condoms. Purchasing a size too small can be too tight and uncomfortable, while purchasing a size too large can cause the latex to bunch up and feel kinda weird. Here’s some helpful charts to help you determine what size of condom you should be buying.

Play around with different textures and materials.

You don’t have to use just latex condoms, and you don’t have to use just regular condoms either. Choosing ribbed, flavored, or other fun variations can be a small–yet noticeable–way to increase pleasure. You could also try condoms made out of polyurethane prophylactic which–unlike latex–allows body heat to transmit, making the whole act more intimate. This Cosmo article also suggests using lambskin condoms (yes, lambskin) to get the maximum effect of skin-on-skin contact. Just make sure you and your partner are both STD free, since lambskin is only able to prevent pregnancy.

Try thinner condoms.

For many people, their first move with condoms is to buy whatever is the cheapest. This isn’t necessarily the route you want to be going. Remember: you receive the quality of what you pay for. Thinner condoms can feel a lot better for both partners since there’s, well, less material. If you’re not feeling lambskin condoms, my suggestion would be the Trojan BareSkin condoms with a drop of lube inside the condom as well as rubbed around the outside of the vagina/anus. It’s definitely worth it!

Incorporate it into your foreplay.

This kinda goes along with my first point. Finding a fun, quick way to incorporate putting on a condom during foreplay can make the act less dreaded and more exciting. You can get creative too. For example, have the woman (or whoever is putting it on for you) hold the tip between the lips of her mouth–making sure her lips are shielding her teeth–as she places her lips (and the tip of the condom) around the head of your penis. From there she can suck a little for added stimulation as she rolls the condom down the shaft of your penis. Not bad, huh?

Condoms can be a lot of fun when used to the best of their abilities, and they can be very effective when put on correctly. Click here to see how to properly put on a condom, and use the other resources in this article to figure out what condom works best for you–and how to make wearing and using one fun!

Photo Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons


One thought on “How to Make Condoms Awesome

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