New blogs & a new website

School has gotten very real for me. With the last four weeks dwindling down to an end, I find myself surrounded by endless assignments and, with my recent promotion with Fresh U, a little overwhelmed at times. So I apologize for the lack in blog posts recently.

I’ve been working on a lot of new things for this summer and I have faith that they will pay off. One of these things is a mini photography business, just as a side, hobby-based job to make me some extra cash (because I don’t make money from writing!). Here is my photography website. If you or anyone you know might be interested in a photoshoot starting on May 10th-early August, let me know! We’ll work it out.

As for my other big project—it’s still under wraps, but it’s super exciting. I’ve been working on it for almost two years now and I think I finally have my shit together, ready to kick it off either in May or June, so be on the lookout. If you might be interested in contributing your time and help, you can fill out this application here.

With all of that being said, you haven’t necessarily been deprived of my cutting-edge, controversial blog posts. If you have “liked” my Facebook page, you’ll see where I’ve shared the links to two blogs I’ve written with Fresh U in the last couple of weeks. I put a lot of work and time into them and it has paid off tremendously. Check out The College Girl’s Guide to Birth Control and Everything You Need to Know about NC’s New Anti-LGBTQ Law. They’re both great (and informative) reads.

I also had the opportunity this past week to attend a march (run by students at my school) opposing North Carolina’s House Bill 2. It was a thrilling experience that I will remember until I’m very, very old. I met many influential people and was nearly brought to tears at the testimonials I heard in the street. You can read more about my experience on my photography website’s blog as well as my most recent article with Fresh U.

Though I’ve been struggling, it has been–overall–an extremely productive semester, AND I have less than four weeks of class left! Expect to hear more from me soon–on one format or the other.

Photo Courtesy of: Mia Renee Cole

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