Here’s My Dorm

I ran a Twitter poll last week, asking if anyone was interested in seeing a dorm tour from me on my blog. Though this isn’t typically what I post here, I figured it would be something light and fun for this week. Continue reading for a look inside my own little world.


So here I am, sitting at my desk writing this article because North Carolina received so much snow and ice last night that we don’t have classes today. Though I’m confined into a small space, I’m happy that this space is my dorm. I love spending time in my dorm (possibly more than anywhere else on campus), and I really love the setup I have going on. Let’s look around.



This wall, to the right upon walking in, is probably my favorite setup I have thus far. Alyssa and I have our chairs (Target) set up against the tapestry I made this summer. I feel img_2011_24412754322_olike this is a great way to fill up this wall. Above the tapestry, I have my adored shelf made by a friend where I just store decorative trinkets.

Moving to the left, we have our bathroom door which is, obviously, not the most exciting thing; however, I really like img_2013_24521044525_othe painting I did with my favorite Aristocats quote.

Then we move on to my window space where I have my new tea cart (!!!!!). I seriously love this thing so much. I had debated over getting the IKEA RÅSKOG Utility Cart for months, but I settled with this rolling cart from Michael’s and it’s the best investment I’ve made for my dorm room yet.








Turning again to the left, we have my bed and my desk. Long before even moving in, I had decided to loft my bed and put my desk under it. I did this, and it’s probably the smartest idea for a dorm room, in my opinion.


I love spending time at my desk. I do most of my work here (I’m writing this blog post here now) and this is the place where I’m surrounded by pictures of friends and family from home and from school. It’s, overall, just a very happy place for me.img_2024_23892851124_o

I try to keep a more minimalistic look to my desk, but that can be kinda hard for a girl that likes to decorate AND have everything she needs. This is where I find myself on Friday nights, writing or watching Netflix, usually listening to a record.


To the left of my desk is my record player which comes quite in handy (I’m listening to James Taylor right now). Above my record player, I have a small gallery wall that I added this img_2026_24153272709_osemester with some cool free printables and cheap frames that I spray painted. Overall, I really love the look of this area under my bed, AKA my study nook.

Climbing up to my bed, this is where I sleep (obviously). I enjoyed sleeping on the top bunk as a kid and I, not surprisingly, still enjoy it even now that I’m grown. Like my study nook, I’ve kind of made a sleeping nook for myself when I lay down to sleep. Draped above my bed are some prayer flags and at the head of my bed I have my collection of dream catchers. On the wall that my bed sits on, I have my FRIENDS poster and some other small pieces of art that I’ve done.


So this is my dorm room. It’s not very big, but I’ve tried to make the most of it and I think that I’ve succeeded in doing so. I hope you all enjoyed this. I’ll be back next week with a more *controversial* blog topic.

You can view all the photos of my room on my Flickr.

P.S. Here’s a selfie I took while I had my camera out so, why not?




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