Bernie Sanders and Why You Should Vote for Him

He’s the man of the hour, the presidential candidate with the most potential, and he’s the leader that will turn this country around. He’s Bernie Sanders.

Last Sunday, I had the privilege of going to see Bernie speak at a rally held in Greensboro, North Carolina. I call him Bernie—instead of Sanders or Bernie Sanders or Mr. Sanders or Mr. Bernie Sanders—because I feel a very personal connection with him, like many of the thousands of people that shared that same room with me last week. Bernie really connects with the American People, which sets him apart from any other presidential candidates at this time.

He’s different, but he embraces it. He’s Jewish—his parents are Holocaust survivors—so he knows a bit about oppression and being in the minority. He’s fought for equality since the beginning of his political career—unlike certain politicians, he’s kept the same beliefs for half a century; he’s reliable with his decisions.

Many adults are either on the fence or unaware of Bernie’s political beliefs. For the first time, though, college-aged adults and young adults find themselves heavily supporting a specific candidate.

If you’re still unsure about Bernie, I’m here to help you decide:

We call him Bernie.

The fact that hundreds of thousands of people refer to a high political figure by their first name, truly shows how personable Sanders is with us. This is significant in his campaign since he is focusing on the very specific needs of The People and we—The People—feel like we are able to trust him in meeting our needs.

Mia Renee Cole
Mia Renee Cole

He recognizes problems.

There’s a huuuuge difference between Bernie and any other candidates for the presidency: he says, straight-up, what our problems are in America. He’s not afraid to speak out. Whereas some politicians may “recognize” our current issues, they fail to speak about them, in fear that they will lose votes. The thing with Sanders, though, is that he knows how serious these problems are and, knowing that, knows he has an obligation to us to work against them.

He wants the best for The People. All of The People.

For the first time in what seems like a long time, a candidate finally wants to see good come upon all of American citizens—not just the privileged or the majority. His biggest proposal is nation-wide healthcare which is a significant change that our country needs to see. Why is this important? Every American citizen deserves proper healthcare in order to live healthily in a first-world country.He also wants to see the “American Dream” make a come-back and push away the significant wage gap, not just between men and women, but between the “middle” class and the richest one-tenth of a percent who dominate our country (ahem, Donald Trump).

Mia Renee Cole
Mia Renee Cole

He understands our history as the American People, and makes sure to empathize with those in similar situations as we were four hundred years ago.

As a people, we migrated to the Americas for a better life. That’s all I really need to say—it’s a standard history lesson. We moved in and found a better way of living. That’s what immigrants today are trying to do for themselves and their families. Our country is plenty large—a much larger land mass that’s ready to support an ever-growing population—and there is no need for us to fight off the rights that citizens from other countries are seeking. America’s motto is—and will always be—“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” which, of course, pertains to human rights. These rights shouldn’t just be extended to those who are born here. In other words, they’re not a privilege; they’re a natural right, and Bernie knows that. We should be honored that immigrants from all over the world flee to the United States in search of a better life.

Bernie is basically the first white male politician who supports women’s rights.

Throughout history men in the majority have always found a way to oppress their beliefs onto women; we have had very few presidents who have recognized the rights that women deserve. The fact that we—as women—have a man who is willing to stand and fight with us for our rights to an equal wage, our rights to make decisions about our own bodies (this isn’t just about abortion, folks, it also boils down to how and when we see a doctor, how/if we acquire birth control, and whether “no” means “no”) is a major deciding factor in whether or not we vote for this man.

He empathizes with the minorities.

As mentioned multiple times before, we have an ideal candidate to help reach out to the minority groups in America. We are such a diverse country—a melting pot, as most historians put it—and it’s about damn time that we take notice of that and allow people of all beliefs a chance to succeed. Bernie isn’t here for the majority, he’s here for the minority, and it’s with the minority’s vote in which he’ll succeed.

Mia Renee Cole
Mia Renee Cole

His campaign is not boosted by PACs, or big corporations.

Probably one of the first major presidential candidates to do this in the last one hundred years, Bernie has refused any large sums of money from prominent figures and businesses. His campaign is entirely fueled by his own money and by simple donations made by supporters (which averages out at about $30 per person). He’s definitely setting the stage for his decisions if elected president.

Mia Renee Cole
Mia Renee Cole

He doesn’t bash other politicians.

If anything, he should gain your respect for this. While many politicians thrive off negatively endorsing their opponents, Bernie does not. Here’s an image: politicians basically survive during political races by literally sucking the life and support out of the major competitors; Bernie refuses to do so. Call it big-headed if you will, but a small man like Bernie Sanders has every reason to be scared of his much bigger competition. The choice not to speak out against his political colleagues, as he calls them, speaks wonders for his moral beliefs.

He reflects prior presidents.

While hearing him speak, I was reminded of many of our previous presidents that turned this country around. His friendly usage of words such as “colleagues” “friends” and “we” (including himself within the American People) had images flashing through my head—Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Kennedy. The way he speaks and what he represents is a shocking reflection of those that have spoken before him. These previous presidents were elected during a time of American despair and oppression and they were capable of turning the country around by uniting us as one American People. We have reached that period again in American history where we are in need of a president to save us from ourselves, and this man is the man that can do it.

Let’s work to get Bernie through the primaries and to the presidential elections. Click here to see when your state votes in the primaries.

Mia Renee Cole
Mia Renee Cole

Image Courtesy of: Mia Renee Cole

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