My Five Favorite Places in my Room

This is kind of a sentimental post, so bear with me here as I look back at my room and my favorite spots in it. I’m writing this post from my new dorm in a new place that I will be calling “home” for the next four years. This move has been very hard on me.

From leaving a comfortable environment where I felt at ease and completely put together, I have now shoved my life into a tiny, cramped room with the added stresses of money, work, studying, and resumes put on my shoulders. Before leaving town, I took time to photograph the spots in my bedroom that spoke to me the most, both design-wise and emotionally. This way I can always remember a part of these last couple years of high school.

My “desk”


So I never really had a desk. Finally having a desk was probably the most exciting thing for me when starting college. At home, I used the corner of my vanity to function as my desk area. This is where I would file papers and keep my pens and pencils as well as a cute plant to make me smile whenever I looked at it.

My shelf


This baby was hand-done by the mother of one of my best friends. I first spotted it in her art collection in a small store in the town I lived in and fell in love with it instantly. It spoke to me in so many ways–plus the cute door on the right actually opens! I loved displaying vases and candles and fresh flowers picked straight out of my backyard. Not too shabby.

The skateboard


This is a huge conversation starter. I found this board while hanging out at a local skate park while taking pictures of my friend’s son. It was broken and lying by the trashcan. It appealed to me because of the clean break and the North Carolina sticker embossed on it. I automatically picked it up and put it in my car. The owner gave me permission, don’t worry.

It wasn’t hard to mount it and I loved being able to look at it everyday. Every item has a story and this story is very unique. People found it very interesting that I had a broken skateboard in my room and I reveled in their surprise.

Times Square

new york city

When I was little, my mom used to have a collection of classic Coca-Cola puzzles that she would frame and hang on the wall. I always loved the idea of completing a puzzle and using it as a decoration in your room or house. I was gifted this present (by my mom) a couple Christmases ago and decided that I wanted to complete the puzzle to hang in my room. Though I ended up not completing it (my sister and Grandma finished it for me which actually kinda pissed me off, though I know they meant well), I still found a way to hang it and enjoyed the picture in my room. I’ve always been excited by New York City and other big cities, so this puzzle perfectly captures my ambition.

My Bed

build a bear

My last and most favorite place in my room is my bed. For starters, I made my bed every day. That’s right: every day. A bed in the room is like the eyebrows on a face; it either makes it or breaks it.

Since I made sure my bed was looking good every day with its decorative pillows and accents, I enjoyed seeing it look nice and fluffed up. Making my bed wasn’t just for others, it was for me.

Plus most of the pillows on there I made myself!

So there you have it, my five favorite places in my bedroom at home. Maybe I’ll entertain you with a dorm post in a week or so?


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