What I Wore: My Long-Haul Flight


As most of you know by now, I’m spending a couple weeks in Australia this summer and this trip truly has snuck up on me. I fly out this Saturday evening and couldn’t be more excited. Maybe I’ll be in the air when you’re reading this! It’s exciting, but I’m also dreading the long flight ahead of me: about 24 hours total. With that said, I have a great carry-on bag and outfit for this long-haul trip so that I can stay 100% comfortable and entertained while traveling. Keep reading to see what I’m wearing!


My outfit is quite simple, and not quite as blurry as these pictures (though they look pretty cool in an artistic sense, eh?). I’m basically doing all neutrals or, for me, BLACK.


I’m wearing a loose fitting t-shirt that I actually bought at Wal-Mart a couple of months ago. It’s short sleeved and has a cute pocket on the left side for some extra style. It’s the type of thing that I’ll feel comfortable in regardless of whether or not I’m bloated from the plane food.

I am also wearing a super cute cardigan with the outfit. It’s actually more of a cape or gown or wizard’s robe than anything really. Thanks to my good friend, I’m able to use this on my flight to keep warm and, since it’s long enough, use as a blanket. It’s super soft and not too warm–just warm enough. It’s a light gray so it contrasts well with my all-black ensemble. Here’s a mirror selfie so you can enjoy it in its full splendor.

urban outfitters

P.S. I think my friend told me she found it at Urban Outfitters if you’d like one of your own!


As you can tell by the picture, I’m going to be wearing my hair up…kinda. I’ll probably wear it down when I board the first flight (or first couple of flights) but put it up in a loose bun before my 15-hour flight from San Francisco to Sydney. I’m also wearing a favorite headband of mine which makes any drab look appear much more put together and stylish.



Since I’m flying into winter, I’ve obviously kept my outfit on the warm side. For ultimate comfort I’m wearing a pair of my favorite leggings from Belk’s and a cute pair of boots from Target. Leggings are a must for long rides. Personally, I think everyone should wear leggings when they have to sit down for long periods of time because they are ah-mazing. My boots are super light-weight and easy to get off and on so they’re perfect for plane travel (especially since I’m arriving into a colder climate). Notice my boots are brown but, with the full outfit, they offer a nice pop of color and keep me looking’ fab. Not mixing brown and black is so 1969 and this is 2015, folks.


I will obviously be wearing my glasses. Even though I wear them more now than I used to, I wouldn’t wear contacts for such a long amount of flying time. Your eyes get so dried out on planes and it’s such a hassle to have to take out and put in contacts in your seat (because who wants to get up and go to the bathroom just for that?). Glasses are more practical for me and more comfortable for travel.

I will obviously be wearing socks with my boots, though they won’t be very thick. I’m packing thick, cozy socks for the plane ride.

I’m a jewelry maniac so I will probably be wearing most of my rings on this flight, but nothing else. Rings are easy to remove and store.

Overall, I think this is a great look. I worked with layers to provide me the most comfort on a plane and chose an outfit that would transition well from summer to winter. The boots are super cute and add a unique touch and–since they’re zippered–work well when going through security. The hairband is a final touch that says, “I may be traveling but I’m still cute as hell.”

Until next time,


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