DIY Lipstick!


Hey friends! I have a project that I am super stoked to share with you all today. A couple of weeks ago, I had a try at making my own lipstick–yep, you heard me right! Lipstick. This is such a fun and EASY project that you can do for a girls’ night or with your kids. It’s cheap, creative, and–most of all–useful. Keep reading for the directions!


IMG_0664 coconut oil contact


Coconut oil

Container(s) – I used old contact lenses cases decorated with washi tape!




Small bowls/cups 

Stirring sticks – I used old chopsticks!

Water, stove, freezer, measuring spoons

Step One

Taking the crayons of your choice, remove their wrappers entirely. Break them up into pieces and place each color into its own small bowl. Next, crack out your coconut oil and teaspoons and follow these measurements:

1/4 tsp. coconut oil = deeper, more pigmented color

1/2 tsp. coconut oil = lighter, less pigmented color

*I recommend using 1/4 tsp.

Add each measurement of coconut oil into the bowls with the broken crayons.


Step Two

Fill the bottom of your pan with water and place on your stove. Go ahead and put your small bowls into the water and turn the burner on. Watch your lipstick begin to melt!


The oil is obviously going to be the first to liquify and the crayons will soon join with time. It will take them a couple of minutes, especially if it’s your first round and you’re starting with room temperature water. As the color begins to melt, take your stirring sticks and stir the mixture. Keep in mind that the wax color will probably get on the stirring sticks, so don’t use the family silver.


When the water begins boiling on you, just turn down the temperature a bit so you don’t have crazy shaking bowls. Once the crayons are melted and there are no solid chunks, move on to the next step.

Step Three

Take your newly melted lipstick and pour it into your containers. Keep in mind that you’re pouring hot wax, so be careful and don’t let the kids do it for you. I burned myself multiple times. Also, lay out wax paper over your surface. I discovered this magical trick after I had already messed up my counters with wax. Cover your area with wax paper or parchment paper and set your containers on top. That way if you spill any, you won’t have to scrub it off the counter.

Step Four

Put your containers into your freezer for about five minutes. Don’t forget to take them out!

yay its done

Cleaning up

Pour any extra wax you have down the trash and not the sink. Pour it out while it’s still liquid. The less dry wax you have to clean up the better. If you do have any dry wax, just wet a rag and scrub–it should come up easily.

This is a fun and easy way to experiment with lip colors or make lipsticks as gifts or for play! Though these colors seem very bold in the pictures, once you’ve put them on your lips they’re not as pigmented so they work fine for casual wear! Also, they apply kind of dry so I would recommend putting on some lip balm before so they spread on easily and you keep your lips moisturized.

Have fun!


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