My Carry-On Essentials

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Some of you may know already, but for those of you that don’t, I have some exciting news! In just a couple of weeks, I’ll be leaving to travel to Australia! With this said, I figured this would provide me with the perfect opportunity to share what I considered to be my essential carry-on items for a long-haul flight. For this particular trip, I have opted out of checking any (yes, I said any) bags, so I’ll be carrying on both a personal bag (my book bag featured in this post) as well as a small suitcase with 10 days’ worth of clothes in it. I am very excited for this trip and can’t wait to share it with you all through photos and blog posts. If you’re interested to see what I’ve chosen to bring with me for entertainment and comfort, please continue reading!

1. The Bag


For this trip, I’m taking my book bag that was given to me for college. I find book bags are the easiest thing to take carry-on because they fit so many things and aren’t hard at all to carry around the airport (plus, they fit under the seats in most cases!). This particular bag is the Jansport Digital Student Backpack and I LOVE it. It has so many pockets to store items and keep you organized during a trip, including a tech pocket that’s kind of hidden from view so you can easily stash your laptop or iPad away in it. Here’s what’s in it:

2. Fuzzy socks

Kinda self-explanatory, fuzzy socks are a must for me on any flights. The first thing I like to do when boarding a plane is to strip off my shoes and make myself comfortable by putting on some socks that will keep my feet warm without freaking out my neighbors.

3. iPad

I decided my iPad would be the best decision for a trip like this instead of hauling around my MacBook, so my iPad will be loaded with music, movies, podcasts, and possibly audiobooks for me to enjoy on my 24-hour flight. Plus, iPad has a Kindle app, so I can enjoy my e-books without also having to bring my Kindle along as well!

4. Headphones

Headphones are a must for any flying experience. I’m bringing two pairs, of which one is featured. I’ll be bringing my over-the-ear Beats which work well to cancel any noise (babies crying, that guy coughing behind you). I find, though, that this certain model of headphones can hurt my ears after a while, so I’ll also be bringing my regular Apple earphones so I’m not too uncomfortable.

5. Passport & Boarding Passes

Don’t really think I need to explain this one??

6. Liquids, hygiene, makeup, etc.


Though this picture only the features the bag I plan to include all of the above mentioned things in, I’ll talk about them for a minute as well. First, the bag. I love, love, love this bag! I bought it at Forever 21 last summer on sale and it is so spacious and perfect for any spills that may happen (God-forbid). In here I plan to have all of my liquids following TSA’s 3-1-1 rule including: hand sanitizer, my favorite conditioner in a travel-sized bottle, face wash(es) in small bottles, BB cream, mascara, toothpaste, hand lotion, and a face moisturizer (I like Clinique’s, though Ponds’ is great as well). Also in this bag will be any remaining makeup (eyelash curler, powdered foundation, stick concealer, blush), any meds such as dramamine and ibuprofen, chapstick (probably both my EOS and my Vaseline Lip Therapy for extra hydration), my toothbrush, a comb and hair ties/bobby pins, and some gum or mints to keep fresh breath.

7. Ramsey

chapel hill

My neck pillow, named and themed after my college’s mascot, will be joining me on my voyage to Australia. (Question: is it still a voyage if I’m traveling by plane rather than ship?) I’ve tried to sleep on planes before without taking my neck pillow out of my bag, but I always fail because I find sleeping and sitting to be one of the most uncomfortable combinations ever invented. I’m looking at you, Ramsey, to help me sleep, though he doesn’t look to happy about it.


8. Water bottle

I cannot stress how important it is to drink water while flying! Air in planes is the worst and I don’t even want to imagine how it will be for me after 24 hours. I plan to continue my water consumption of 8 cups a day plus more, since I’m going to be in such a dry environment (and flying into winter). I’ll fill my baby up after passing through security and stick it in my designated water bottle pocket on my book bag.

9. Charging Cords & Portable Charger

I didn’t include pictures of my charging cords because most of us know what they look like (and they’re kind of a “duh” when traveling). I also plan on bringing my portable charger (and its charging cord) in case I get stuck with a low battery and no outlet. It’s always a safe bet!

10. Tea


This is probably the most exciting thing for me to bring (and also the most stuck-up..whoops). I am such a picky, picky tea drinker and I’m not sure how a plane’s tea will be..and I’m not willing to risk it. I made some cute tea toters to hold my tea bags in as I travel so I can have my fix of my favorites. I’ll be brining Irish Breakfast (my all-time fav in the mornings), probably some Tazo Zen/green for antioxidants, and my decaffeinated ginger-lemon. Sweeteners? I’m no pansy.

11. Glasses case

Probably the most exciting thing on this list (kidding), I’ll need something to keep my babies safe when I want to get some zzz’s.

12. Yarn & Knitting Supplies

I’ve found the perfect knitting project for my flight to Australia and I’m super excited to give it a try (and wear it once I arrive). I’ll be taking my yarn for that (and possibly squeezing in extra yarn for whatever) as well as one or two pairs of needles, complete with point-protectors (to make them look less dangerous and to keep them from piercing through anything of mine), measuring tape, and small, blunt scissors. Fun fact: knitting needles ARE allowed on flights AND I was ecstatic to find out that small scissors that have blades no more than 4 inches in length are allowed also. Hello multiple projects!

13. Book(s) and journal

Not pictured are the books I’m currently reading: Gone with the Wind and U Chic. I’ll probably take one (or both) of those and my journal, which is pictured. Old-school entertainment is the best.

14. Regular purse


I always include my regular purse or bag that I’ll be using on the trip in my carry-on as well, complete with money and ID. The bag I’m taking is my favorite for all occasions, my Fossil Sydney Crossbody. Though this one isn’t available any more, they have similar ones that I’m in love with as well. This bag is perfect because it’s structured and has two compartments, one of which is a built-in wallet. This will easily squeeze into my book bag and work well while I’m in Australia!

Not Pictured

I’m taking other items as well that I decided not to picture. These include a pen/pencil, a bag with a pair (or two) of clean underwear in it, and deodorant.

I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed to make it! Stay tuned to keep up with my trip!


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