Why Girls Should Look Up To Ruby Rose

Since her breakout role on Netflix’s original series Orange is the New Black, actress, model, and singer Ruby Rose has found herself adored by fans and the media alike. Though I myself have never taken time to watch an episode of Orange is the New Black, seeing pictures and videos of this so-called “Ruby Rose” immediately caught my attention on my social media newsfeed. Not only is she a gorgeous woman who has many talents, but she is a gorgeous woman who is heavily tattooed, androgynistic, and gay, who is still praised by the media and people worldwide.

Upon researching further into her life, I decided that Ruby Rose is the perfect role model for girls and women around the world, though especially here in America. Though belles like Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie work well as role models, there is something empowering about Rose’s difference and progressiveness that casts her into a completely different category from famous women her age. Girls all over should look to Ruby Rose as an example of a powerful woman in the twenty-first century who is looking to make a change through her actions and lifestyle.

The first thing that stood out to me about this amazing woman was the fact that she is covered in tattoos. Whereas in most parts of the world, heavily tattooed women are frowned upon, Ruby Rose has acquired admirers from all over regardless of how she decides to display her skin. It is very admirable if you ask me. Many women find themselves judged for having just one or two tattoos on their bodies, so the jump from no tattoos to many tattoos in the media is a large step for women worldwide in reaching gender equality.

When researching her further, I discovered that she is the covergirl for Maybelline New York in Australia. This shocked me. It wasn’t just surprising because of her appearance or sexuality, but because here in America, we’re still stuck on pale, blonde headed models in feminine dresses to model for Maybelline and other makeup companies as well. The fact that Australia has taken an initiative to choose a covergirl that defies the current standard shows a very progressive and smart move, not just for their marketing, but it gives the idea to women worldwide that you don’t have to be Barbie-doll girly in order to be considered feminine or “pretty” in our society.

Ruby Rose is defying the odds in other ways than just her tomboy-like appearance. She has shaken the world with her progressive views on sexuality. She came out as a lesbian at the age of twelve. Twelve. I know many girls that are terrified to come out until they have moved out of the family home and/or finished their education. At a young age, Ruby knew that she wanted to be a boy and even began saving up for the transitioning process, but once she began modeling, she discovered androgyny, and began describing herself as gender-fluid. She discussed her sexuality with Huffington Post saying, “Gender fluidity is not really feeling like you’re one end of the spectrum or the other,” (Emma Gray, Huffington Post). With her powerful short-film “Break Free” (see above), Rose completely threw out the idea of being a man OR a woman and showed her feelings about being gender-fluid. Showing the world a new viewpoint on sexuality, Ruby Rose works to keep a progressive mindset for women and men worldwide.

Not only is Ruby Rose’s sexuality itself progressive, but she embraces all types of sexuality stating, “Who are we to tell other people how they can live their lives . . . it’s really none of our business,” (Erin Whitney, Huffington Post). Rose understands that women–and men–around the world find themselves in tough situations because of their sexualities, and working to embrace everyone’s differences, she works to set an example for all societies when it comes to equality.

Whatever your opinions, you have to agree that Ruby Rose is one badass woman who speaks out for the minority through her actions and beliefs and I hope she continues to do what she is doing in order to create an even larger impact on our twenty-first century world.

Ladies, make Ruby Rose your new role model because she is going to become one of the most influential women of our time.

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