An Open Letter to Anti-Feminists

Equality; that’s all we ask for–equality. How can you, as a human being, deny the human race the opportunity to embrace equality? How can you allow women to earn only 80 cents to a man’s dollar in this year, 2015? How can you let women in foreign countries be persecuted and killed for having a boyfriend, for loving another woman, for having an affair outside of marriage when their husband has multiple wives to the acceptance of their community, family, and church?

Why is it when boys get tattoos no one cares, but when I got mine, people assumed I got a tramp stamp? Hell, why am I afraid to tell my family members about my tattoo out of fear of judgement when plenty of my male cousins have them? Why is it when teen boys joke or talk about sex they’re either dismissed or praised by peers, but when I comfortably talk about sex, I’m called a slut and rumors are spread about me masturbating in the back of my school classrooms? Why is it that “boys will be boys” but girls, well, girls…are polite and polished, mannerly and humble, soft spoken and modest. Why am I suddenly less of a woman for being loud, comfortable with my body, and having a dirty mouth?

It’s not about the men–it’s not about the f*cking men. It’s about the equality minorities of this world deserve. It’s the women who are inappropriately approached on the streets. It’s the blacks who are called niggers. It’s about the Muslims being spit on and called terrorists. It’s the Mexican immigrants being violently assaulted for “taking our jobs.” It’s about the people who don’t get what they deserve because they’re not represented in our majority.

Feminism isn’t about hating men, it’s about the equality that we need. Sure, we have our radicals or extremists, but doesn’t every political or cultural group? You can’t judge us off our extremists just like you can’t judge Christians off the Ku Klux Klan or Muslims off of Al Quedia. Knowing this, how can you still be anti-feminist–anti-equality–with all the injustice happening to those across the world? Are you just going to turn your head? Are you just going to allow the brutality to continue? Or are you just going to blame feminists? If you want someone to blame, blame society that teaches us that women are pure, men are strong, blacks are gangsters, Mexicans are liars, Asians are brilliant, gays are perverts, Muslims are terrorists, and feminists are a problem.

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