Some New Writing for You

I have been working on a new project recently, and though I don’t plan on releasing it chapter by chapter like Love is Blind, I did want to share the intro to Chapter One for all of you to read. It’s obviously different. Enjoy. -Miaxx

-Chapter One-

It was like I was floating, flying through a field of flowers. My soft hair brushed against my lower back while my rosy cheeks puffed up into a large grin. The sun shone down on this field of flowers–let’s make them daises–and a gentle, warm summer breeze blew itself all around me. The grass rippled beneath the daisies and shrouded my feet as I ran through it. I was free. My dress billowed around my knees, ballooning with the breeze. When I finally fell, it was as if I fell on a pillow, or soft feathers, maybe even a thousand teddy bears. The grass cuddled me much like a teddy bear. And when I would get back up, with help from this breeze, I would soar through this field once more.

That’s how I felt when I looked at her.

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