New Year, New Me: New Years Resolutions for Happiness, 2015


You might have read one of my previous posts where I wrote about keeping myself happy, and while I plan to continue doing that through 2015, I hope to only add to the positivity. Here’s my resolutions for this year!

2015 is a very important year for me; it’s a year that I’ve been looking forward to since I was in Elementary School. I graduate from High School this year. Whereas this transition is both scary and exciting, I hope to make the best of my transition from High School to College, and here’s how I plan to do it.

I would first like to point out the whole idea of resolutions. I suppose resolutions work certain ways for certain people, but they are–to me–goals that I would not only like to meet during the year, but also continue through many years to come.

I try not to set resolutions that are too specific or challenging because they are very discouraging to attempt to complete.

Resolution One
Complaining is one of the least attractive qualities a person can have, and I would like to dial down on the complaints I give daily. I like to think I’m not one to complain in excess, but I would like to complain less. Not only will the lack of complaining improve the environment around me, but it will improve my overall mood as well.

Resolution Two
Loving your body goes a lot farther than just accepting your body type. I do, in fact, want to come to peace with the shape and size of my body, but I would like to give my body good things to be happy about. I want to feed my body healthy foods and drinks, I want my body to feel in shape, I want my body to stray from an excessive of chemicals (whether they are digested or absorbed). This ranges from simply dropping sweet foods to getting my first tattoo; I want a happy, healthy body.

Resolution Three
I want to do more community work and service. I feel that in years past, I haven’t given as much as I should’ve. It doesn’t cost anything to help someone out and I want to help people receive things that they deserve to have.

Resolution Four
I love to read, so why I don’t read as much as I used to astounds me. I want to drop the TV and social media and read–for fun. Hopefully all that reading will encourage my writing.

Resolution Five
For me, the real success in life is happiness. I just want to be happy. Doing things that make me happy are crucial. All of the previously mentioned resolutions will contribute to a positive attitude, but so will others: participating in more artistic things, learning more about photography, learning another language (I’m interested in sign language!)—these are just a few things I’d like to try this year.

One common misconception I feel is associated with New Years resolutions is the idea that they become materialistic. People develop resolutions that focus on their lives materialistically, that make them look like better people. It may be a new year, but you are the same person you were on December 31, 2014. To me, resolutions are meant to make us better people, not to help us lose weight, become more attractive, make more money. I’d much rather be a better person in 2015.

Here’s to a Happy 2015 and to happy us.


Photo Courtesy of: Hannah Rabideau

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