Ways to Keep a Happy Heart


I know the holidays are hectic, but there’s always a way to find the hearth in the middle of a snowstorm. Here’s a couple things that keep my mind in check, my heart warm, and my mood, well, jolly.

Colorful Sticky Notes

I don’t know what it is with me and sticky notes, but they sure do make me happy. Pasting bright sticky notes with reminders written on them all around my room makes me smile and keeps me sane. Not only do I remember things better, I now get more done in a day. By writing a short list the night before of small things that need to be done, I become more motivated to do them the next day. After all, an accomplished girl is a happy girl.


Not only do I write on sticky notes, but I love journaling. There’s something about having a cute journal filled with your words, pictures, and memories. I’ve kept various journals over the years, but I’ve had the habit of keeping a regular journal for the past four years. Not only are they cute and (kinda) hipster, they allow you to vent your feelings onto paper. Something bothering you? Write it out. It’s amazing how therapeutic writing down feelings can be.

Reading for Pleasure

As a senior in high school, I totally understand being loaded down with homework and assigned reading. I find, however, much happiness in the comfort of reading books that I want to read. Some argue there’s not enough time in the day, but if you choose to turn off the TV or put down the phone, you will be amazed at how much time you have to do things that keep your brain moving. Reading is good for you and, unlike Clash of Clans, it helps you relax and take a breather.

Less TV

Like I previously said, when you put away the electronics, you find so much more time to do things. As a seventeen year old girl, I am telling you to put down your phone and turn of your TV. You are so much more productive when you’re off the couch. Taking time to relax can mean so much more than just watching TV when you get home.

Take Up A Crafty Hobby

I love doing crafts. Maybe it’s that five-year-old inside me yearning to get out for some fresh air, but nothing feels as great as unleashing my creativity. Crafts aren’t simply a toddler’s game; there’s a reason you were encouraged to do them as a kid. Not only do they increase brain activity, they help you solve problems and allow you become comfortable with yourself and the way you choose to express your soul. I’ve recently fallen in love with knitting and find all sorts of ways to challenge myself (plus this is the cheapest, DIY Christmas I’ve had…ever).

Get Moving!

You don’t need a gym membership to get moving. Allowing yourself to be active for an hour a day will increase your energy, stamina, and keep you from getting sick during these icky months. Take a walk around the neighbor hood, turn on some Richard Simmons, or roll out a yoga mat. Doing something physical also gives you the chance to set goals for yourself, goals that, when accomplished, make you feel supa’ good.

Eat What Makes You Feel GOOD

Who eats a bag of potato chips and thinks, “Man, I feel great!” My usual reaction to junk-food binge-ing consists of self-loathing and the paranoia of the oily, junky foods feeding my pores (okay, maybe I’m overreacting). Either way, I love to eat, and when I eat ten carrots I feel way better about myself than when I eat ten potato chips. Same goes for smaller portions of desserts, not taking seconds on meals, dropping sodas, etc. Not only does eating healthier make me feel great, but the nutrients in the food keep me from getting sick which is one of my biggest priorities.

Keep Happy Around

I basically live in my room; I’m a teenager. While I’m analyzing poetry for AP English, I like to remind myself that there are, in fact, happy things in this world. Filling my area with gifts made or given to me, pictures, and yummy smelling candles always keeps a smile on my face.

Give Back

They always say there’s a reason for the season, but that season should be year-round. Giving back by volunteering or donating to your community can give you one of the best feelings of all. Giving back also helps remind us of how lucky we are and keeps us appreciative of the things we have. There’s no better way to stay happy than to make others happy too.

Please stay happy and remember that the coming holidays are not about gifts and money, they are about love and spirit.



Image Courtesy of: makinbacon.hubpages.com

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