My Cold Weather Must-Haves


With the cold weather setting in, and the first snow-fall of the season hitting Western North Carolina this weekend, I’ve decided to talk about my favorite cozy must-haves for this colder weather.


Try not to roll your eyes. For those of you who have never tried leggings, I go suggest you pick some up at your local Walmart. Leggings are the next most comfortable thing to pajama pants and, unlike PJs, they’re socially acceptable to wear out to the store. I know that a lot of workplaces (and schools for that matter) prohibit these golden fleeces of the twenty-first century, but for your weekends and snow days, leggings are the way to go. They go with basically everything and they fit you, so there’s no worries about them being too big/small, long/short. I recently invested in four pairs of leggings that have solved all my life problems. My fleece-lined leggings are snuggly and warm, perfect for the frost-bitten days where regular leggings seem to do no good at keeping out the cold.

Sweaters & Cardigans

Layering is the perfect solution for those days where it’s fifty degrees in the morning and sixty degrees in the afternoon. If you’re like me, I cannot stand long-sleeved shirts because they always seem to be a nuisance, so layering cardigans and sweaters with t-shirts is the perfect path for cold weather. Currently, oversized tops are in style and, styled with leggings (hint hint), they are extremely cute and acceptable to wear in public. Wearing an oversized, warm top can also double as a blanket for the tops of your legs if you’re sitting in a chilly classroom or doctor’s office. Whenever I wear my cardigans, I always feel like I’m wearing a blanket which is a huge plus on those colder, greyer mornings.

Boots & Socks

The ultimate shoe for fall and winter is the boot. Throw out your Uggs, however, because they’re both outdated and ugly. (Although I do admit to wearing them for years and still continue to wear them around the house and when running errands.) Boots are always in style (women have been wearing them since, what, the nineteenth century?) and only have very minor adjustments in style over a couple of years. You can invest in a pair of Doc Martens or buy a simple pair from Target, but either will serve to provide the same function: keeping out the cold and wet winter.

Socks and boots are the perfect couple. Socks are warm and fuzzy and both provide padding and warmth to your precious toes. If you want to go without the boots, socks are the perfect cover for your feet when you’re lying around the house on a snow day. I love tall and fuzzy socks because they pair well with my leggings (which I wear all the time, if you didn’t know) and they’re super warm.

Moisturizing Lip Balm & Lotion

One unfortunate thing about the colder weather is that it’s dryer and, with that, comes chapped hands and lips. An easy solution to keeping your hands and lips soft during the cooler months is to invest in a good, hydrating chapstick and favorite hand lotion. My go-to brand is Evolution of Smooth (EOS) which works to provide the most moisture with less fragrance. I make sure I put on their lip balm in both the morning and night (and throughout the day if I can) and put on their lotion before going to bed. If I ever find that my regular routine isn’t effective, I make sure to increase my usage. Regardless, keeping your skin moisturized during the winter is crucial for your natural glow to shine.

Hot Tea/Chocolate/Coffee

I’m not really a coffee person (gasp!), but one thing I love is my hot tea (no sugar or milk added, thank you). Both caffeinated and decaffeinated, I have a tea box in my kitchen filled with all sorts of flavors and, in the colder months, I find solace being able to sip on my warm drink. Hot tea warms my heart and soul and keeps me nice and cozy when it’s windy and snowy outside.


I believe the most popular time of the year for candle burning is during the fall and winter. With the cold weather, we want some form of warmth and candles provide an intimate and up-close natural flame that smells nice and keeps our homes cozy. I am sold on Bath & Body Works candles and burn them religiously during the winter. They make my room smell splendid and keep a visual feeling of warmth.

As much as I love summer, I have to find love in the colder, more dreary months, and these things keep me sane. What are your favorite cold weather must-haves?


Image courtesy of: Beth Ladet

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