My Favorite Summer (Pleasure) Products



Summer Solstice is this weekend and to celebrate I’ve compiled a short list of some of my favorite summer products–both newly discovered and old favorites.

Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration Sunscreen


With a SPF rating of twelve, this sunscreen is not for the weak. I love this sunscreen because a) it smells like bananas and b) it consists of a swirl of two different colors. The lotion feels super cool and wonderful out in the hot sun and it guarantees a deep tan (or fried crisp).

 EOS Shave Cream


Available in three different scents, Evolution of Smooth has set the standards for modern shaving. Unlike normal shaving creams, this is more of a lotion and applies more like a lotion (…so without the lather you get with normal cream). I’m pleased with EOS because they have great products in general, but this new line is outstanding! You’ll never have to put lotion on your legs after shaving again. It provides twice the moisture than regular creams and it also works well with sensitive skin (I would know).

Maybelline Baby Lips in “Grape Vine”


You either love or hate the line of colored lip balms from Maybelline called Baby Lips. It’s true that they’re the kind of balm that causes your lips to peel when applied too often, but the hydrating look they give your lips make up for any faults. They smell great, look amazing, and come in multiple different colors. My favorite is “Grape Vine” which appears as a dark purple, but it’s actually very light when applied, giving a very natural look that’s perfect for the beach or pool.

Mary Kay Lip Polish in “Cider”


I’ll be honest. I’m not really a big fan of Mary Kay, but their lip products never disappoint. Their Lip Polishes aren’t like a normal lipstick; they’re very similar to a lip stain mixed with a lip gloss. With wand application and a liquid base, “Cider” is a rich coral color–high in pigmentation–that will make your lips pop on the boardwalk. Warning: this is not a product to wear to a BBQ.

Flower Lip & Cheek Chubby in “Apricot-a-lot”


Flower is a brand that I recently discovered at Wal-Mart. I decided to give this chubby stick a try and was very impressed. With a “velvet” (matte) finish, you have a rather peachy lip color that is both a mix of a bold and the classic au naturale. It’s definitely a go-to summer color.

Bath and Body Works (Slatkin & Co.) Candle in “Sun Tan” 


Found at B&BW, this three-wick candle is my new favorite thing to burn (besides textbooks)! What’ll blow your mind is the scent that this candle provides. Taking a whiff of the wax, you will be shocked to instantly recognize the smell of sunscreen. That’s right, I said sunscreen. While sunscreen may seem like an absurd scent, think of everything associated with sunscreen: the beach, the pool, your mother slathering it all over your tiny body as a child. Sunscreen will always hold a nostalgic place in your heart and since I am without both a pool and a beach, this candle will just have to do. Tip: leaving the candle jar open during the day will cause the scent to lightly permeate throughout a room, so you’ll always have the smell even without burning it!

When all is said and done, summer is really about relaxation, making memories, and hot boys, but sometimes we can’t cram all of that into our hectic schedules. Thankfully I’m here to bring summer into your homes. Hope you enjoyed!


Photos courtesy of: drugstore,com,, sunlightbeauty,wordpress,com,,,

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