The Long Hair Chronicles



I was known as the girl with the long hair. Most people loved the length that took nearly five years to grow. It was only recently that I decided to chop it all off and these are the reasons why.


It was just yesterday when a friend told me that, upon the first time meeting me, she noticed that my hair was, “like half your body”. Being about 5’3″ or so, my long hair hit my hips, maybe even a little farther past. It was my pride and joy. My hair was almost like my staple: everyone loved and remembered me by it. I just needed a change.

I cut bangs last summer and loved them, but that just wasn’t enough for me. I needed more of a change. I’d had “long” hair since I was thirteen and, even though it looked fab on me, it was beginning to get old.

I did a last minute cut today with my friend Katie and, so far, am loving it.

Here are the reasons why I was beginning to not love my long hair.


it was too long to style.

Have you ever had the problem where your hair was too short to put up in a fancy up-do? Well, believe it or not, my hair was too long to (easily) do many up-do’s. Since my hair is thick and voluminous, it often would fall down or be complicated to keep up. I couldn’t do a lot of up-do’s on my own and had to have help from a friend. The help would consist of my friend simply holding my hair in place as I continued to twist or braid.

Not to mention it would take forever to style my hair. I like it curled and, with a curling iron, it would take nearly thirty minutes to get a result like this one:


it got in the way.

Even when it was in a ponytail, it would constantly be in my way. Under my armpits, zipped in my jeans, rolled up in my car window, my hair would constantly find a way to make my days more interesting and complicated. I was reminded of this even more harshly when my boyfriend nearly ended up eating my hair nearly every time I was laying down with him. I would put it up or braid it back, but it was still long and whip-like.


it was hot as hell.

I didn’t really need a blanket if I was cold. Honestly. I could just let down my locks an allow them to drape over my shoulders, stomach, arms, even the tops of my legs. While that was a benefit of my long hair, I was reminded a couple of weeks ago when it reached nearly eighty degrees that my hair is extremely hot in the warmer months. Wearing a pair of high-waisted shorts and crop top with my hair down, I was burning up all around my face and shoulders. When I was in Orlando this time last year, I had to constantly wear my hair back in order to stay comfortable (and also a precaution on rides at Disney).


it took up a lot of my time.

Keeping in mind that I didn’t wash my hair everyday, it took me nearly 5-6 minutes in the shower to completely clean it. I had to shampoo it twice. I would begin by using a huuuuugggee dollop of shampoo and lathering my hair enough so that it all stayed on top of my head while I got more shampoo and scrubbed it even more to prevent oily spots. Then, I would condition it and comb it through while the conditioner was in to assure of even coverage and get tangles out easily. Tired yet? That was just to wash my hair.


tangled: the true story.

It’s fabulous that Disney made an adaption of Rapunzel and all, but I seriously feel sorry for that chick. My hair was always tangled. It would get to the point that I just wouldn’t brush/wash it for a couple of days and wear it in braids and messy buns. It still looked hot, it was just a bitch to brush.


forever dead.

There were three stages of my length. The top part of my hair looked healthy due to the natural oils replenishing it, while the second part looked…eh. The bottom and tips of my hair–no matter how hard I tried–were always dead and fried looking. Don’t blame my dead hair on my use of hot tools, either. I always worked hard to allow vitamins in my hair but using sprays and heat protectants. In fact, my hair stylist always raved about the health (and beauty) of my hair which proves I kept it looking nice. Once your hair reaches a certain length, though, there’s not much you can do for it.


my bangs would look better with shorter hair.

I love my bangs quite a bit. I look a lot better wearing bangs. Whereas they looked fine with longer hair, I knew they would look even better with short hair.


Overall, my hair just won’t get in the way anymore. There’s plenty of other reasons why I was done with long hair (for now), but that’s all I’ll give you today. I loved my hair, but I love it now too.


**Disclaimer: a lot of people think it is nasty to not wash one’s hair every day; however, the most healthy thing you can do for you hair is refrain from washing it every day. Water and shampoo dries out your hair and it needs the natural oils that your body produces to replenish it. I would go no longer than two showers without washing my hair. 

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