DIY: Bow-Backed Shirts!



Wearing bows is the fashion nowadays, as is open-backed shirts. How do you open up the back of your shirt by adding bows? Keep reading, ladies.



-a shirt of your choice

-fabric (I just used the single fabric squares at Walmart for about $1 each)


-a ruler

-a hot glue gun

-needle & thread

-fabric glue

Step One: cut out the back of your shirt


This part is simple. Take your handy-dandy scizzers and cut out the back of your shirt as low and wide as you want it. I started at the collar and worked my way down.

Step Two: cut yo’ fabric


 Next, you’re going to need to cut out multiple rectangles of fabric to make your bows. I cut six pieces at about 7×8 inches.

Step Three: make your bows!!!!


 Begin by placing the pretty side of the fabric face-down so that the uglier side is faced up towards you. Fold the fabric up two times so that it looks like this:


 BAM! You have an even smaller rectangle. Next you’re going to take your fabric glue and glue it together, if that makes any sense.


 To prevent fraying and create smooth edges, fold the ends of the rectangle in and glue those down as well. Allow time for the glue to dry because it will get kinda sticky.


Now, making the bows are quite simple. After you’ve let the glue dry, you’re simply gonna pinch the rectangle in the middle to make a bow shape. Arrange it however you want it to look and then glue/sew the middle together to create something like this:


Note: The folded/ugly side of the rectangle is the BACK of the bow. Also, I would suggest sewing the center of the bow together rather than gluing it. Glue can get very sticky and isn’t very reliable.

To finish the bow, take a small strip of fabric and wrap it around the center to make the bow look nice and put-together.

Step Four: put the shirt together!

After finishing your bows and allowing them time to fully dry, you can begin putting your shirt together. I didn’t take any pictures of this since it’s pretty self-explanatory. Using your hot glue gun, you’re going to glue each side of the bow to the sides of your shirt, filling the gap you’ve cut out. A more detailed instruction would be: glue the left side of the bow to the edge of the left side of the cut out, and glue the right side of the bow to the ride side. Make sure the bows are firmly glued to your shirt and allow time to dry.

Once your glue is dry, your shirt is finished! I allowed my shirt to hang over night to make sure everything was set.

Note: cutting out the back of the shirt and replacing it with bows will, more than likely, make the shirt a little more snug on your body than it originally was. Make sure to use a shirt that is already comfortable on you and not too tight.

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