Why I Should Work at Disney World


I’m a dramatic. I’m a kid. I’m a geek. I’m a Disney freak. Not just Disney in general, but I’m a freak for the parks–especially Disney World. Just imagine yourself playing one of the characters and meeting all the international visitors. Disney World has a certain magic behind it and it fills my heart every time I walk through the gates.

Playing a face character would be loads of fun (especially if I were an Ugly Stepsister), but I’ve always had this dream to work behind the scenes. Sure, I love to act and I enjoy meeting people, and watching the joy on children’s faces when they see their favorite character is priceless; however, I want to be responsible for that joy. I have always loved the idea of working for corporate Disney World (is that even a thing..?). Public relations has to be a vital part of Disney World. They have repeat business (obviously) and have succeeded in the theme park world (somewhat), and the endless commercials, events, and planning done by corporate Disney is the main reason behind their popularity (besides the fact that they’re Disney).

I could go on and on about why I want–or should–work for Disney. Instead of boring my non-Disney fans, I’ll make this a little fun.

The Reasons Why I Should Work for Disney World

ImageI’m more than happy to give and get.

Remember that time in 2011 when I was thrilled to sit behind a trash can? Yeah, I was! Talk about front row view of the Electrical Parade when we arrived only thirty minutes before it began. We may have been crammed between a trash can and a baby stroller, but I sure as hell made the best of it. Besides, the trash can made the best arm rest for my tripod arm holding my camera.

ImageI’m sassier than your five year old.

Sure this picture may be from 2002, but I’m pretty sure I have a picture of me posing like this taken in the past couple of years. Sassy girls know how to get stuff done, and we also tend to be rather exciting.

ImageI’m not afraid to put myself out there.

Not only are my shoulders hideously slumped, and my glasses obnoxiously…obnoxious, but this picture from 2010 is gold. I believe I was the one responsible for running down Terk in order to get a picture as she was about to go on break. I don’t have a problem with  quasi-harassment.

ImageI know how to properly talk to characters.

Let’s ignore the fact that I transformed into a man when I met Tiana. Either way, I don’t hang out with people boring enough to snap an ordinary picture with a gorgeous princess. We know what we’re doing. (Let’s also note that Colby, here, has a virtual map of Disney World etched out in his head. We were the perfect combo for WDW.)

ImageI do it for the experience.

One time I auditioned for The American Idol Experience, simply because I just wanted to audition. I didn’t care about making it to the finals or winning the golden ticket. Even though this awesome opportunity at Hollywood Studios has little to nothing to do with Disney itself, I wanted to point out that Disney is about the experience. People who plan Disney trips and worry about the money or the itinerary shouldn’t be going to Disney World. You should go to Disney simply to go to Disney.

ImageI charmed Gaston.

That’s right. I charmed the tights right off of Gaston. I love meeting with characters (especially the exciting ones), and what better way to do it than play along with them? Gaston loved my Captain Hook/alligator pin and I really enjoyed his story about surviving an alligator attack. He really is a lady killer.

ImageI’ve taken transformation pictures with characters.

I’ve become my own mother and decided it’s fun to take pictures with the same characters over time. Two years treated me well.

Besides the pictures…

I don’t have as many pictures as I wish I could have, but there are many other reasons why I love Disney. I am an avid pin collector and never fail to make cheesy Disney vacation videos. Whatever the reason, if I ever find myself working for Disney one day, you bet your Mickey ears I’ll be proud.



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