Valentine’s OOTD ♥ (Outfit of the Day: hair, nails, makeup & outfit!)



Valentine’s Day is just around the corner (three days to be exact) so don’t fret about what you plan on looking like in order to impress that special someone(s). Keep reading for my go-to hair, makeup & more for V-Day!

❤ Nails ❤

Start with some crazy nails that you will fall in love with. Create a cute heart design in record time. All you’ll need are:

-Band Aids

-2 to 3 nail polish colors of your choice



After you have painted on a base coat color of your choice, let it dry as you cut out your stencils. I prefer to use Band Aids since they lack the amount of adhesive tape has (presenting little-to-no risk of messing up your polish) and have a back-side which helps creating a heart stencil. Begin by cutting off the ends of the Band Aids (as seen above) and proceed to throw away the gauze/padding.



Creating the hart stencil is simple. Simply fold the end in half and cut out half a heart–something you should’ve been taught in the second great. It’s symmetry, folks.

Make sure your nails are completely dry before taking the backs off the adhesive and sticking the stencil over your nail. Do this one nail at a time. Make sure all of the adhesive is stuck down to your nail to ensure the shape comes out correct and begin painting on your contrast color. When you’re done, quickly take off the Band Aid/stencil and let it dry. Do this for your remaining nails.



They should come out looking a little something like this. My base color is Revlon’s Top Speed nail polish in the color “Stormy”, my hearts are in Essie’s “forever yummy” and Maybelline’s Express Finish “Show Me The Honey!”.

❤ Hair ❤



Let’s create some soft waves that not only appear natural but can make any outfit more feminine. The process is super simple and involves only a 1.5-2 inch curling iron. For this look, I separated my hair into three layers and did one layer at a time for maximum coverage and beautiful curls. I wrapped a thin lock of hair around the barrel of the curling iron (without using the clamp–much like you would do a curling wand) and held it there for a couple of seconds. To achieve the most natural look, I alternated the direction in which I curled my hair. For example I would take one strand and wrap it away from my face and the next strand would be wrapped towards my face; this keeps your curly locks from going in the same direction. For a more girly look, I took a bit of my hair at the crown of my head and brought it back, securing it with a clear elastic. I finished the look with an adorable bow.





I introduced a simple, flirty look that will go well with any outfit. Keeping the face makeup neutral, adding a winged eyeliner, and finishing with a nice pink lipstick really creates the “Hey, I’m cute now kiss me!” look everyone goes for on Valentine’s Day.

For your face makeup, I’d suggest doing your normal routine. I used my liquid foundation, with some concealer (for under-eye circles and red spots), a light bronzer (I have a pale complexion so this helps add more color to my face), with a pale blush (to create the more natural appearance on my pale skin). I also added some compressed highlighter on my upper cheekbones (Sephora’s highlighting compact powder) to increase definition. 

I kept my eyes simple and used my Naked palate by Urban Decay. If you don’t have these specific colors, you can pick a color you own that is similar. I started by shading the inner corners of my eyes as well as my brow bones with the color Virgin which is a nice off-white color. I then took Sin which is a sparkly pink with some gold/brown undertones and covered my entire lid. This beautiful color really accents your eyelids and makes them seem bigger (hence the sparkle). As I colored my lid, I took the same white (Virgin), blending it into my eyelid crease for a nice and blended look. 

I used a liquid liner for my wings (L’OREAL’s Lineur Intense in Carbon Black) which has a felt-tip applicator. I prefer to use a felt-tipped liquid liner since, unlike a brush, the liquid formula doesn’t end up clumped on the applicator. I began by lining my upper lash line close to the lashes (creating an idea of how thick I wanted the liner to be) and took it about halfway across my eyelid. I did this for both eyes before moving onto the wing. For the wing, I created a small line connected to my already lined lids at an angle of my choice. I chose to go small, so I kept my angle at about 45 degrees and kept my line at a short length. I did this for both eyes to ensure symmetry of the angles. To finish the wing, I went to the tip of my angled line and drew a line straight across–connecting the tip of my line with the eyeliner on my lid. I then blended that line with the rest of my eyeliner to create a smooth transition from wing to lash line. If you’ve never done winged eyeliner before, this is going to take some practice and I’d suggest watching this video. 

I finished the eye look by adding my favorite mascara (Maybelline’s The Falsies Volum’ Express, Flared) which is a great way to create natural looking lashes especially when paired with a winged eyeliner. Something optional you can choose to do (which I did) is to tight-line your upper lash line. This effect creates fuller looking lashes and is super easy to do. After you finish curling your lashes and adding mascara, take a pencil or gel liner of your choice (in a black color) and line the waterline (that little flap of skin that is in between your lash line and eye) with that eyeliner. Just be careful not to poke your eye out. ;)

Finish the look with a matte pink lipstick. I used Mary Kay’s Simply Pink.






I might get some criticism for this last section. I’m going to be honest with you all. I didn’t have any pink/red outfits that were cute enough for V-Day. I can dress girly, but I tend to gravitate towards edgy. I tried to create a girly look that also coordinated well with the cold weather. A dress is, of course, optional but it does give that girly appearance (an a-line skirt would be suitable as well). I used this beauty of a lace dress (lace screams girly) that I bought at Target. Not only is it long-sleeved, but it has a high cut collar and semi-low cut back. Class-ay. I paired it with a belt from Body Central that helps to accent the waist and an infinity scarf from K-Mart. I also included black opaque tights (courtesy of Target) and my adorable Jessica Simpson wedges.



I finished off the look with my “amore” necklace from New York & Company which is the perfect accent for Valentine’s Day.


In no way am I saying that his is how you should dress for Valentine’s Day. If that was the case, and everyone dressed like this, there would be no individuality. This is just how I would aim to look and, if you’re reading this, maybe you needed some suggestions. I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it. In case you don’t hear it on the 14th, I love you.  ❤❤❤


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