Nerd Alert: My Disney Pin Collection!!



I’m not going to apologize for being a Disney fanatic. I was basically raised on Disney films like any proper child should be and my love for the Disney World began in 2010. I could blog all day about Disney World (maybe I should sometime), but for the past couple of days all I’ve wanted to do is proudly show off my trading pins.

For those of you that are not familiar with Disney Pin Trading, you can click here for a more detailed explanation. I can make a blog post later about trading but, for this blog, I am going to focus on my pins and why I collected them the way that I did. If you are a Disney fan and nerdy enough to enjoy collections, you should highly consider Pin Trading.

Resort Pins



These are the only two resort pins I own but they are special to me. I love the fact that Disney offers pins for all their different resorts. Just pick up the pin that represents the place you’re staying, and you’ll never forget all the different places you have stayed!


Ride Pins (especially the ones that move!)



Before you ask, I do believe this pin is a Limited Edition. Most ride pins at Disney have characters such as Mickey and Goofy enjoying the roller coaster of choice. I liked this one in particular because it featured the characters that the ride was created after (or at least one of the characters). The Mad Tea Party is a special ride for me because the first time I ever visited WDW (in 2002), I insisted on only riding the Tea Cups. I still remember Poppy and I getting off the ride and joining the line for a second go-round and the joy the spinning Tea Cups can give anyone of any age. This is also one of the many pins Disney offers that moves.


Really cool pins you’d never expect to find in a shop



Out of all the pins to find in a shop on Main Street in Magic Kingdom, I would’ve never imagined to come across a Camp Rock pin. Since this movie is years old and the Jonas Brothers are (unfortunately) long gone, I would’ve probably tried to trade for a pin like this. However, I was just browsing through some pins and laid my eyes on this beauty. One of my best buys yet.


Unique Trades



Out of all of my trades so far, this is my favorite. I love Lilo & Stitch and I believe everyone can agree that Stitch is one of their favorite Disney characters. I saw this pin on a Cast Member’s lanyard and thought the pose Stitch was caught doing was cute and different from the Stitch pins I had seen so far. It wasn’t until I arrived back home in North Carolina that I realized where the pin was from. All official Disney Pins have a Disney logo on the back and this particular pin features the Disneyland Resort Paris logo. I have a pin all the way from Europe! The only downside is I’m not 100% sure if this is an official trading pin since it is lacking the official trading logo (refer to next picture for an example) on the back. What are your thoughts?



This is also a really neat trade that I love. I traded for this at the Trading Post in Frontierland off of the bulletin board located behind the cash register. I had the chance to examine the pin before deciding to trade and discovered that it was from a Cast Lanyard Series. This means that this pin was given exclusively to the Cast Members that work at Disney World. These are the types of pins that you can only trade for and–since most Cast Members aren’t willing to give up their exclusives–they’re hard to find. You can also see the official Pin Trading logo on the back of this pin which is comprised of the Mickey Ears, banner “Official Pin Trading”, and year the pin was made.


Special Editions



Special Edition pins tend to be more expensive than your average pin. They also come in special boxes that make them feel really important. Three Special Editions are released a year in the silver, bronze, and gold levels (this is a gold). I saw this 2011 Special Edition at the Trading Post in Downtown Disney on the night I had arrived in Olrando. Not only is it a miniature Disney vault (complete with turning wheel), but it included Lady and the Tramp (one of my favorites) on the inside. The nearly twenty dollar splurge was well worth the pin. 


My entire collection…





Note: the three Festival Disney pins are NOT trading pins and are given only to those who participate in Festival Disney.

My collection isn’t news-worthy huge, but I’m still proud of it and I’m going to try and add to it by buying pins online. If you have any questions about my pins (i.e. where I got them, how much they were, which ones move, etc. etc.), just ask. I love talking about pins!




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