Man, I Feel Like A Woman!



This is Beth. Beth likes to post pictures in the snow. Beth is trying to prove a point. What point? Feminism. So in the name of feminism and all things liberal, I write this post.

I think we can all agree on a couple of things: (1) there is quite a bit of snow in this picture (2) Beth is only in her bra, some shorts, and boots and (3) Beth is promptly telling you to go to Hell in one swift movement of her finger. 

What is she trying to say?

I took the picture because I saw a fellow friend being slut shamed and felt the need to show people that it’s okay to do whatever you want.

What is “slut-shaming”? According to Wikipedia, slut-shaming is “used to describe the act of making any person feel guilty or inferior for certain sexual behaviors or desires that deviate from traditional or orthodox gender expectations.” Why is is that women are the main victims in slut-shaming? Aren’t men and women supposed to be “equal” in today’s society and shouldn’t sex or sexuality be looked at openly in 2014? Of course women are still inferior to men, especially when the topic pertains to sex.

For some reason, it is seen as “trashy” or “not lady-like” for women to dress in minimal clothing while men can wear little to no clothes and be named “manly” and “sexy”. Don’t we all have the same body parts? Don’t we all have the right to post whatever we want without being called girls with “no self respect or self worth” (yes, someone DID tweet that)? Apparently not. 

Why is it that men can post pictures of themselves half naked in the snow and receive absolutely no criticism? Aren’t they flashing us their boobs (yes, men have breasts too) and aren’t they kind of under-dressed for the weather as well? Example:


These two guys decided to post this picture on Instagram a couple of hours ago in response to the cold weather. Instead of being name called or “slut shamed”, they currently have 51 likes on their photo all from girls. Some of these girls that liked this picture were some of the same people saying mean things about fellow girls (yes, girls, Beth wasn’t the only one) posting pictures of themselves in the snow with minimal clothing. What strikes me here is the hypocrisy seen in teenage girls.

These teenage girls where just slut-shaming fellow teenage girls for doing exactly what they boys in this picture are doing.

These same girls also post pictures of themselves in bikinis at the beach or pool. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not against bikinis..but isn’t a bikini a bikini, no matter when or where you’re wearing it? If Steve Kardynal can post viral videos of himself in a bikini on YouTube for the whole world to see, why can’t Beth, a consenting adult, post a picture of her in a “bikini” in the snow?

Photo courtesy of:

 Do you see a difference? I think not.

The thing that I am most proud of out of all of this, is Beth’s response to the hate she received from the picture.





Out of all the hate, some of the comments that surprised the most were related to body image. Why, I ask why would you insult someone’s body after they have posted a picture of it on the internet? Beth chose to post a picture of herself on the internet, Beth knew what she was signing up for. Did it ever occur to you that she might have faltered before posting it out of fear of what people might say to her? No girl should ever be worried about what someone might say to her regarding her actions or body. Beth’s response was priceless:



Hot is anything. Anything is hot. Everyone is beautiful in their own skin and their own body. Everyone is free to make their own choices regarding their body whether it’s sex, birth control, or snow pics in their undies. 

I’d tell all the girls afraid to be themselves not to worry. Because honestly the people who are talking shit are most likely the people who want to have the self confidence that you have. Your true friends are still gonna love you and you’ll have people who will look up to you for being yourself!

There you have it, folks. Please, I beg of you, please don’t slut-shame. In fact, the “s” word should be nonexistent. Men aren’t called sluts, so why should women be? 

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