DIY Mason Jars



Redesigned some old mason jars the other day. Read more to find out how I did it.

Step One: find some mason jars and clean them up

Whether they’re old and lying around the house or you purchase them from the store, mason jars are of great use for storing objects. I use these three mason jars to store my makeup brushes and decided that they needed an update.


Step Two: hot glue

In order to create stand-out letters/symbols on your jars, you’ll need a hot glue gun (I purchased mine at the craft store Michael’s for only a couple of bucks). Simply create the design that you want with the glue and allow the glue to dry so that it is completely hard. Make sure there are no strings of glue and that the glue is even because the spray paint is going to pick up every piece of glue on the jar.


Step Three: spray paint

Lay out some old newspapers outside, lay your jars down and spray them down with the color of your choice. Make sure you layer the paint on evenly and allow them to dry.


Step Four: ta-da!

After you have let them dry (it only takes about 10 minutes or so), you can accessories your house with these beautiful jars.


You can watch the video here.


Hope you guys, enjoyed!


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