bad hair days



Having a bad hair day or did you just decide not to wash your hair for the third night in a row? Everyone experiences those days when they have nasty, stubborn hair and little time to do anything to it. Below are a couple of things I have learned from my hair. 

For the ultimate time-saver, I’d suggest any kind of bun. You can start with a messy bun on the side, middle, or top of your head, or you can go more detailed with a top-knot.

 For a “messy” styled bun, I tease parts of my hair (and add some flexible hairspray as I tease), before pulling my hair into a high ponytail/side ponytail. I then tease my hair in any areas that look limp before twisting my hair around the ponytail holder, bobby-pinning it down where needed. The key is to use as few bobby pins as needed and allow pieces of hair to fall out, finishing the look off with a high-powered hair spray for super staying strength.

 A top-knot is a little more detailed but equally as easy. The routine that I learned began with putting your hair into a high ponytail, then braiding your ponytail and tying off with a clear, elastic rubber band. You then twisted the braid around the ponytail holder, securing with bobby pins. You have a bumpy bun effect that leaves people wondering, “How did she do it?!”

To view more top-knot/high bun hairstyles you can check them out by going to this website.

ImageThe top-knot bun courtesy of:


A flirty look can be achieved by completing a simple braid. Braids are super easy and stay intact perfectly when you have dirty hair. You can work with a braid going down your back, one resting on your shoulder, or you can even choose to go with a more daring style such as a waterfall braid. My two favorite braids, however, are the traditional three-strand braid and the “fishtail”, or two-strand braid. 

Most people are familiar with a three-strand braid: you separate your hair into three parts and begin by folding the left strand over the middle strand (making your left strand the new middle strand), then taking the right strand and folding it over the new middle strand (making the right strand the new middle strand) and continuing. (If that’s confusing to anyone, I suggest searching a video tutorial on YouTube.) You can personalize this look by adding a headband, bandanna, or bow to your hair. 

The fishtail braid is very similar to the traditional braid, except you separate your hair into two parts. With the two parts of hair, you begin by taking a small strand of hair from the (outer part of) the left side and folding it over to be included with the right part. You continue this, using small strands until you have a nice braid. (Once again, check out some video tutorials for an easier explanation).

Braided hairstyles are endless  and you can check out more by clicking here.



Two different fishtail braids courtesy of:


If you’re willing to spend more time on your hair, I’d suggest creating some curled hairstyles. Not only do curls always look fab, but they also hold a whole lot better when your hair is dirty.

Start by using a dry shampoo (I’d suggest TRESemme’s version, found in drugstores) to help soak up any oily roots before using a curling iron/wand of your choice. For tighter more Shirley Temple curls, I’d recommend the Conair “Infiniti” curling wand and for a more loose care-free look, I like to use a 1 or 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Separate your hair into pieces of various size and start curling in different directions (both away and towards your face). These two techniques will give the curls are more natural look. Pin your hair back, add a bow, or wear it the way it looks. Either way, you’ll still look fabulous. 



Curls achieved from a curling wand courtesy of:


Sorry for not posting in a while, but I hope these hair tutorials help make up for any lost time. If you want to view any of my favorite hairstyles, feel free to check out my hair board on PinterestImage


Bad hair day photo courtesy of:


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