Good Morning!



I bet you money that my morning was worse than yours.


Consider this a rant. A rant that rids me of all bad emotions and allows me to be a bit more calm for the rest of the day. I feel like screaming. Screaming and crying and punching a small child in the face, but I’m not going to. I refuse to let the chain of horrible events from this morning ruin my day. I’ve somehow managed to keep a smile on my face and attempt to laugh it all off, even though the reality is quite different.

I am currently watching one of my favorite comedies on Netflix “Revenge of the Bridesmaids” (it’s such a good movie especially for those of us that are Southern…it’s got Raven-Symoné in it, so that should be a selling point for you all) and the entire contents of my book bag have been dispersed all over the top of our baby grand piano with my book bag draped over a chair in the dining room. 

I had a wonderful, carefree weekend so why do good things happen to good people on Mondays of all days?!

It all started when I woke up in a glorious mood at 5:30 this morning. That should have been my first clue. I never wake up happy. I washed my face, made tea, etc. etc. and then went upstairs to begin doing my makeup. I messed up on my winged eyeliner and had to redo it. I never mess up on my daily eyeliner. I tried to put my nose ring back in, only to cause irritation and waste time. My nose ring is currently not in my nose. I decided to curl my hair and my curling iron wouldn’t turn on. Then it did. At least my hair looks good. 

I ended up running behind so I rushed downstairs to make a sandwich for lunch and discovered that the only kind of cheese we had was American cheese. I don’t like American cheese. (This is kind of my fault, though, for not telling Dad that.) I kept dropping things as I tried to make my damn sandwich which pissed me off even further. Somehow I managed to keep my temper down (it is now 7:27 am). 

I head out the door but don’t forget to put my full water bottle in my book bag (like every day, because water is a very important part of your diet!) and went on my way to Starbucks because it’sfreakingMondayandIdeserveachaiteaforgettingmyassoutofbed. 

I arrived at the school, got out of my car, strapped on my bags, and began to walk to the auditorium for my first class. I wasn’t 100 feet away from my car when I felt something cold trickle down my leg (keep in mind that it’s currently 34 degrees outside). It took me about five seconds to realize that there was a 90% chance that my water in my bag had spilled. I rushed to the lobby, tore open my bag, and discovered an empty water bottle. 

All of my things were wet and I knew almost instantly that I would owe money to my English teacher for the water damage to my Rhetorical Devices book. 

I attempted to take a hair dryer to my things but I eventually gave up, spreading out all my things on top of our piano.

So here I am, watching Netflix, sipping on my chai, and typing out my feelings like a true girl should do. Hopefully I won’t bitch to anyone about it. I applaud you if you read this far.



The aftermath of my morning…


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