falling in love with fall



Usually I don’t like fall that much; a short progression of green plants turning a wrinkled brown and disappearing, finalizing the long winter to come ahead. This year has been a little bit different.

Scrolling through Twitter, I read all of the stereotypical “white girl” tweets about fall: Ugg boots, Starbucks, scarves, leggings, the boyfriend’s hoodie, bonfires, football, etc. etc. I usually scoff at these, but I might have more in common with them than I thought. Minus the boyfriend’s hoodie, I do agree that nothing is more comfy than some leggings and Uggs with a Starbucks’ Chai Tea warming my fingers (take notes, eligible bachelors). I’ve also learned to love football this year, and I mean watching football. I learned to watch football. 

So what the hell gave me a change of heart? 

A change of lifestyle, maybe. Trying to look at the brighter side, maybe. Cutting out the October Christmas tunes, maybe.

I definitely think it was the third one. 

I usually start jamming to some “All I Want for Christmas” in late September, early October which ignites my Christmas feels. Now, before you ask…yes, I have Christmas feels. Not only does this have me yearning the holiday season waaaaaay before it begins (this is even before the tacky ornaments hit drugstores), but I also end up burnt-out by November which, according to modern-day American standards, is the official beginning of the Christmas season. 

In the past, I have missed fall completely. It’s liked I’ve skipped over it, not even noticing it. I was living too much in the future that I forgot to live in the present. 

And I missed so, so much like…

The crisp, chilly air that hits you in short puffs as you walk your dog or even the smell (who knew that fall had a SMELL?!). 

I missed the comfortable cold season, where you can easily walk outside with long sleeves and leggings without freezing your ass off. 

I missed the excitement over high school football. Maybe it was the fact that, this is the first year my high school’s team has done well, but something about participating in spirit week and building up the anticipation for the big rivalry game (total attendance for the rivalry game: 11,000) had me realize just how important memories from high school are. 

Whatever it is, fall is a season. Fall only lasts for a couple of months, so enjoy it while you can. Even though it’s not a summer at the beach or a white Christmas, fall has its own beauty. Vibrant and colorful, crisp and sharp, chilly and somehow warm at the same time. 

Until next time,


Photo Courtesy of: weheartit.com

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