Walking in Heels



You get stuck behind these people in crowded areas. They obviously aren’t walking naturally and are moving at a pace slower than a turtle’s. Maybe you are one of these people and it’s okay to be a little unsteady in heels. The following are three main tips on how to master the art of walking in heels.

  • Make sure your knees can BEND

Unless you’re doing ballet, your knees should naturally bend when using your legs. Notice how, when you’re walking, your knees have a slight bend to them in order to make your stride. If you are wearing heels that you have trouble bending your knees in, then they are too high for you, sista. Try a shorter heel length.

  • Your walking pace is nearly as fast as if you weren’t wearing heels

I’m not saying that your pace needs to be Speedy Gonzalez fast, but you do need to be moving at a pace that matches your regular pace (or, even better, the pace of the people around you). If you’re holding up traffic because you decided to wear some new heels that are uncomfortably high for you, you’re not only going to piss off the people around you but you are also risking injury or stress on your joints.

  • Show confidence and KEEP PRACTICING

It has been proven through studies (or Cosmopolitan interviews) that men are attracted to women that can walk confidently in heels. The key word is confidently. Make sure you have mastered the two previous tips, pull back your shoulders, and strut, strut, strut! (If you happen to not have mastered the two tips, your strut will resemble that of a chicken. A study called “common sense” has shown that most men are not attracted to chickens.) The more confident you are in your heels, the more confident you will look.

The only way to get better is to keep walking. Unfortunately, some chicks decide to try on their new pumps while walking town and not only struggle on the even pavement, but end up twisting an ankle. If you buy a pair of heels that you are unsteady in, try walking around in your house, up and down your stairs, squat in them, clean your bathrooms in them, etc. (besides, if you can wear them in before your first real “wear”, the less painful they will be on your feet). 

My biggest suggestion would be to start small. Work your way up to the highest heel…with practice, you will get there.

I’m still practicing today.




Picture courtesy of: t.shoement.com




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