Excerpt: “Scar Meets Colby Mindon”


As most of you know, I write. I don’t get to write a lot but, when I do, my mind goes wild and my fingers continuously type until I run out of words. That’s where this project comes into play. I’m working on a story which, in my opinion, has a pretty unique plot. I have decided to begin releasing small excerpts from the book on my blog.

The following is an excerpt from the first chapter where the main character (Scarlett) runs into hottie, Colby Mindon, while shopping in a small boutique. I’m not quite sure yet how much relevance this scene will play later in the novel, but I do like it for its comedic purposes. Enjoy!


The ding of the bell sounded as the door at the front of the boutique opened. I looked ahead, but couldn’t see anyone walking in because of the high shelves and racks in my line of vision. I went back to searching through clothes when Tara grabbed me by the arms and whispered, “Don’t look, but Colby Mindon just walked in with his mom!”

          I stood rigid as she released me, turning my body around to face her. “Where is he?” I said, craning my neck to get a glimpse at him.

          “I said, no looking!” She patted my cheek disapprovingly as her mouth curved up in a smile.

          “What’s he wearing?”

          “Plaid polo with tan kakis and Sperrys.”

          “And the color of the polo is….?”

          She closed her eyes and said slowly, “Blue and white,”

          “Oh god,” I smiled imagining him walking around in his blue and white plaid polo. “We should go talk to him.”

          “Maybe, I should go talk to him.”

          “Why can’t I talk to him too?”

          “You have a boyfriend…” She stated in a “duh” tone.

          “Yes, exactly. I have a boyfriend, not a husband.”

          “Woah-oh,” she shook her head making a tsk-tsk sound. “What are we going to do with Scarlett?”

          “Wish you were me, that’s what you’re going to do.” With that, I stepped around Tara and walked to the other side of the store. Having a clearer space to see, I spotted Colby Mindon glued to his mother’s side swiping his finger across the screen of his cell phone. I smiled as I began to make my way towards him, but stopped when I realized that his mom was buying a couple of items at the front counter.

          “Tara,” I said, “Tara!”

          She scooted through the racks of clothes to my side, asked what the matter was, but realized almost immediately what was going on. She pursed her lips, considering her choices, then handed me the first thing she could grab off of the shelf and pushed me into the line behind them.

          Unfortunately Tara had bad aim, and instead of landing behind them I was pushed directly into Colby himself. “Oh God,” I said, trying to focus my eyes on his adorable yet confused face, “I didn’t see you there,”

          “Well, obviously,” he smiled, “Your name is Scarlett, right?”

          Ohmygodheknowsmyname!!! “Yeah, some people call me that.”

          “And what do the others call you?”

          “I get Scar a lot, but that’s only from my close friends.”

          “Scar….” He slipped his phone into his pocket and met my gaze, “I like that.”

          I could feel my face slowly turning red and tried hard to think about something other than his god-like face.

          “So what’re you buying?” He asked me, looking down at my hand.

          “Umm….” I opened up my hand and found a black, scrunched up thong in it.

          “Woah,” Colby’s eyes twinkled, “I didn’t know that you were the type of girl that liked lace.”

          “Oh,” all hopes of my face going back to its normal color were gone, “It’s not for me, it’s for my friend Tara…she asked me to buy it for her. Becauseshedoesn’thaveanymoneywithherthatswhy.” I added when I noticed the questioning look he was giving me.

          You know the saying “saved by the bell”? Something like that happened to me at that moment. His mom called his name and he turned, finding her waiting for him at the door. “Too bad,” he shook his head, laughing, “I’ll see you later, Scar.”


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